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Friday, September 2, 2016

Why So Many Running Shoes to Give-Away?

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Since I wrote that blog post on how many running shoes I was getting rid of, more than a few people have commented on how many pairs of running shoes I have to give away -- this time. :-)

Let's back up a bit.

For a couple of years, my blogging was part of an attempt to break into the pro runblogging world of social media and reviewing running shoes was part of the deal. So I bought, traded, got as gifts, freebies from the brands, as many different running shoes as I could to review, as a part of my "failed social media empire". Even after giving up on my grand ideas, I found that I enjoyed writing about my experiences with the running shoes I was running in.

So I kept writing about running shoes even after my delusions of grandeur went away and yes, I know that I am a bit of a running shoe addict. I love to try the newest and greatest shoes and sometimes other runners seem to enjoy reading about my thoughts on running shoes.

Blame Game

Unfortunately, like many runners I tend to give running shoes more credit when things are going good and a LOT more blame when I am injured or not running well. After all it can't be that I am training poorly or that I am my own worst enemy when I run. After all I have to have something to blame other than myself, so I put it on my running shoes.

Instead of correcting form, muscle imbalances or training errors, I get new running shoes. Does that sound familiar or like anyone you know?

With my more than 40 years of experience as a runner, you would think I would know better...but it is almost like I enjoy the chase and the search for that "perfect" running shoe more than actually running in them at times.

Then I typically find that the newest and greatest shoe that I fretted and thought so much about, do not work any better the last pair did.

Although, I have found that the wrong style of running shoe for me to run in, can and does make a bad running situation quickly a worse situation. Those are the shoes that go away before they get close to that infamous 50 mile review and you all get to read me whining about.

There have been far too many of those short-lived flings with the wrong shoes, over the past 3-4 years and they are the major reason that I seem to have so many shoes.

When I look back I have probably been picking shoe styles that are not the style that actually works best for the way that I run - even if I wanted to think they were. Yeah, I got caught up in the minimal, maximal and all those other fads too and had to see how they worked for me - most of the time they didn't and don't.

Not Really As Bad As It Looks

While I have had a relatively large number of the shoes, most were bought with discounts or on closeout. Once in a while a brand has sent me a free media sample to write about, which is nice when it happens, but I don't really expect it anymore.

I have also traded shoes with other runners, been given shoes as gifts (it is what Bennie and sometimes Mary gets me for my Birthday, Christmas or Father's Day), besides the Amazon and other gift cards  end up being used for, that appear during those times. So I can pretty much plan on a minimum of 6 new pair of shoes a year without even trying.

Of the shoes I am getting rid of during my great shoe purge this year, many of them are from 2015, that I just never got around to getting rid of and others - I just didn't like or didn't work for me.

  1. Skechers GoRun Ultra 1/26/15 - Free media sample
  2. Nike Lunar Glide 5 - 9/3/15 - Personal Purchase
  3. Pearl Izumi EM/H3 Roads V1 - 10/23/15 - Personal Purchase
  4. Asics Hyperspeed 6's - 7/18/15 - Personal Purchase
  5. Hoka Clifton v1 - Blue - 4/7/15 - Trade
  6. Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Roads v1 - 1/18/15 - Trade
  7. Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Road v2 - 12/25/16 - Christmas Present
  8. Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Tri v2 - 1/26/16 - Free from Pearl Izumi
  9. Pearl Izumi EM/M3 Road v2 - 3/19/16 - Personal Purchase
  10. Nike Streak LT3 - 5/2/16 - Personal Purchase - Close-out Running Warehouse
So it is not as bad as it looks.

Really it isn't.

The reality is that

Buying new running shoes is my biggest vice, I don't drink very often - a beer or glass of wine now and then, don't smoke, don't do a lot of things other than run, go to work and putter around the house. So the wife puts up with my passion (obsession) about running shoes and I get to write about the ones that I do run in.

My running shoe rotation right now is down to:

  • Pearl Izumi N1 Trails v1
  • Mizuno Inspire 11
That's it.

I have the Nike Lunar Glide 7's and Mizuno Elixir 7's around to wear to work and when I am not running, but everything else is pretty much going away.

The Inspire 11's are going to be my primary running shoes for at least the next month or two, to give my leg a chance to recover and I am going to focus on re-establishing my mileage base and running pain-free. In other words training smarter and no racing - just running to enjoy my running.

Well...along with going through running shoe withdrawals.  :-)

Mary alias TheWife, told me tonight, maybe it is time to stick with a pair of running shoes for a while and not have a large/multiple shoe rotation. It seemed to her that my running in so many different styles, makes and models over the years, might be part of the reason that I am injured so often. Especially, when she has her two shoe rotation and hasn't had a running injury in years.

Which is heresy in my mind, but I was already heading in that direction, so maybe she is right - yet again. I will try it her way for a while, but after a lot of thinking about what has worked the best for me over the years, stick with Mizuno's for a while, instead of wandering around to multiple brands.

I will probably get the Mizuno Kazan's in a month or so to replace the N1 Trails -which will become my winter screw shoes, (up heah, I need the screw shoes in the winter to stay upright when things get nasty) and I will use the Kazan's as my daily outside winter running shoes, use the Inspire 11's  as fair weather and treadmill shoes.

Then see how things are going after that.

I have a feeling that I will always have a few more running shoes every year than most people (I am fickle about my running shoes), but I do know that for a while at least my running shoe rotation will be a LOT smaller. I would like to keep it to 3 shoes...

  • Recovery, long run road shoes
  • Faster, treadmill, speedwork, race day shoes
  • Trail shoes

Then hopefully, if I need to replace running shoes it will be because I am putting lots of mileage on them, not just changing them out willy-nilly or because I lost confidence in them, because I have gotten injured yet again.

Yes, I do plan to keep writing about my experiences in my running shoes, just not as many.

1 comment:

  1. It is funny how things go - after commenting on your other post I thought about my own shoes and that I really do NOT have a 'shoe fetish' at all, or not too much. And it is not what I said, I'm really not cheap ... I just don't place so much value on shoes.

    I DO see them as very important and care enough to spend upwards of $100 or so on them (not much over that, though) ... and am intrigued by different types, but ultimately I am happy to stick with what works, to be a generation behind (but as I found, not two), and to hunt for sales.

    Biggest of all is that I will wear shoes until my body tells me 'enough' rather than replacing them sensibly at 400 or 600 or even 800 miles. It probably doesn't make sense, but since I place such high value on not getting hurt, I seem to have a 'that which doesn't hurt me is OK, that which does is poison' - so the day I feel the impact of old shoes - and I think we all know that feeling - is the last run I have in them.

    Now GPS watches, on the other hand ... like most other technology I definitely have an issue. So it is a big deal for me not getting a new GPS watch in over a year ... but these last two weeks there are signs the FR 225 is 'acting funny' ... ugh, before I would have said 'cool, something new' but now I think 'don't want to buy a new watch'. Very bad timing - especially if Apple adds GPS to their watch in the announcement this week as is predicted. :)


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