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Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Bit of Everything, But I am Running - Week In Review

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

At this point and time I am pretty sure that unless something even more unnerving happens, most of us have made up our minds on who we are voting for and the other issues that are on the ballot in November. Now if everyone would just shut-up and vote their choice, then move back to being Americans, not just Republicans or Democrats and never the twain shall meet. I for one will be glad when this election is over and we can move on, in whatever direction the majority of the voters has decided.

I know that I need a break from all the political crap going on around us.

Well the running streak is upta 24 days! I am running more consistently, while purposely keeping the mileage around 3-4 miles most days, with a few doubles during the week, ending between 30 and 35 miles for the week. My easy pace is naturally getting quicker as I get back in a semblance of shape, but still around that 9:00 minute pace. It seems to be working pretty well -- the leg continues to get better, although it ain't quite ready for prime time, err racing, I am getting closer.


Yeah, today was also a tough day. The Thomas College Terrier Trot 5K was this morning and I have a pretty good history there and really, really, really wanted to go and run it. I didn't. That stoopid Harold guy would have attempted to run faster and ignored that certain "pain" in the left heel to get a better time or place.

I KNOW it was the correct choice, but it didn't make it any easier, when at 9:20, I was talking with TheWife about how I should just be finishing up my warm-up and getting ready to run a hard 5K. Then at 9:30 I went out for my run with Bennie and had to work hard to not push the pace. However, during the run, the left leg reminded me in no uncertain terms, why I wasn't racing.

I had also thought about doing a longer run today too, but with how the leg felt this morning, I decided that that 4.0 miler was going to be more than enough.

Who knows maybe I am starting to mature as a runner and be more patient. Sssshhhh I don't want anyone to think that of me, after all I am a bit too young to be considered a mature runner. hehehe :-)

Running Shoes

I don't believe that my running better and the leg getting better is any freak thing (I am working hard at it) and the big turning point was when I moved back to my Mizuno's. No they are not low drop, super cushioned, ultra light, the most recent release or anything else -- the style of shoe that I thought I needed to run well in.

They are pretty much your traditional style of running shoe.

The other day on Facebook I was reading a comment from Sam W. about how it seems that moving to lower drop might help how your knees feel, but at the same time it seems to put more pressure on the Achilles/lower leg and cause issues there and over the past few years I have had my share of lower leg issues. It comes down to pick your poison and at this point and time my knees are feeling good and my lower legs are the weak link.  So going back to a firmer heel and higher drop seems to be what I need now.

Mizuno Inspire 11 - Simply one of the best pair of running shoes that I have run in. No fuss, no muss, I just run in them. The only thing I have not done in them yet is a double-digit run and I have no doubt that they will do just fine. I will probably attempt to find another pair for next spring, because I fully expect these to last right through the winter.

Mizuno Kazan 2 - A nice hybrid road/trail shoe that I am really liking so far. The K2's are not what I would consider a technical trail shoe, but they do everything I want. When it is muddy down back, they have enough grip to keep me upright, on the trails at UMA they have good grip in a variety of groomed trails and if I forget my road shoes, like I did on Friday, I can run 5+ miles on tar without any issues. They are coming up on 50 miles and Bennie already ordered a pair for my Christmas present - the price at $39.99 was just too damn good to pass up.

I decided on no faster running for a few weeks, so the Hitogami 2's didn't get any time on the roads or treadmill this week. I have a feeling that they will get plenty of treadmill time this winter. It just isn't the right time to use them -- yet.

Overall, a really nice week of running and being patient. I just need to keep it up.

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