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Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Nice Training 10K in the Rain - RunLog 10/9/16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

So much for the nice day that was initially predicted, although for running, I actually preferred the weather we have. Light rain 52*F, a breeze out of the NNE, made it pretty nice. Although, the rain does make it tougher to see clearly, since I wear glasses.

Bennie had decided earlier that he wasn't too interested in being out in the rain (sometimes he is pretty smart), so I got to run alone. I figured that I would get in a nice 4-5 at an easy pace. It had been raining for a while, so I knew down-back was a bit muddy, not bad, but that slimy surface stuff that if you wear road shoes that you can quickly find yourself sitting in the middle of the road.

So I decided to wear the Kazan's -- good...no great choice!

They were perfect for the conditions, wet tar, wet dirt and surface mud down-back.

I really was not in a hurry and while I hadn't done 5.0 miles in a while, it was not really a question of whether I could do it or not. No, it was more how much the leg would bark during after that I was concerned with.

The Kazan's were doing what I wanted on the slime and then when I got on the tar over on Bartlett, I was really wondering how they would do during the longer run than I have done in them so far, especially on the tar. When I got to Notta Road (my 5.0 mile turnaround), EVERYTHING was feeling the best it has in a while, so I decided to keep going and do a 10K.

I had a nice 9:00 minute pace going and my splits were consistent.

Then I stopped to take a photo and just couldn't get the pace back and bonked on the hill. I guess I shouldn't have done the extra mile, but I haven't done 6.0+ miles since August 20th and needed to see how things would shake out.

The leg didn't bark at me during the run and the best thing is that as I write this it still hasn't barked too much. Which is huge progress!

The Kazan's surprised me with how well they did in the wet conditions and the slime down-back. However, the biggest surprise was that they didn't bother my feet at all and I forgot about them other than to think about how good they felt. They were even fairly quiet for trail shoes, which was nice.

Overall, a really good 5.0 mile run and the last 1.2 was meh.

Oh yeah the other part was that the two layers were one too many and I think that I did overheat a bit on the way back, which contributed to that meh feeling and loss of focus over the last mile.

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