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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Answering Some Questions - The Week In Review 10-9-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

The weather was unseasonably warm most of the week and the fall colors were at their peak for Central Maine, but hopefully the heat wave is over and we can get back to those temps in the 50's.

Sometimes you have to push a little to get answers to the questions you have. That is what some of this week was dedicated to - answering those questions.

Next week is the annual Thomas College Terrier 5K race, one that I have run the last couple of years, done decently in both races and I needed to know if I could/should run it. On Friday, I picked up the pace a bit and found out that the left leg still gets pretty damn grumpy at those speeds if I run longer than a minute or so at faster paces, especially after I got done.

While things are better, I am not going to run the race, I know stoopid Harold to well and what he would do when the gun goes off, especially if things played out a certain way. So I will stay home :(.

The better part is that as long I stay around a 9:00 minute pace, things seem to hold together pretty well and I was even able get a run of over 6.0 miles in and not pay for it. Which means that I can work on my endurance base and get my weekly mileage up to where I would like it. I just have to keep the pace slower.

I will not argue that I want things to be different, but I have to work with the body that I have, not the one I want or used to have.

I did get a bit over 35 miles this week and for most of them they were right around that 9:00 minute pace that seems to be the sweet spot for me right now.

It would be nice to get back up to 40 miles a week and start doing it consistently again and then work on getting whatever speed is still available to an old fart down the road.

I. Will. Get. There.

The Inspire 11's are doing everything I have asked of them and are the shoes I reach for first whenever I get ready to go for just a run.

Although I am getting pretty impressed with the Kazan 2's especially when it rains down-back (slimy mud) they have enough traction to keep me upright and still be able to run longer on the tar. The thing that surprised me the most was that my feet were still reasonably dry despite being out in a steady rain for almost an hour. after today wet run. They are a very nice hybrid road/trail shoe that I wouldn't hesitate to use to run in nasty weather on just about all reasonable surfaces (ice, super rocky or deep mud are beyond what I would use them for) and for most of the distances that I now do.

I did try that go faster thing on Friday and the Hitogami 2's did what asked of them. Let me run faster, without getting in the way. They were comfortable and the only issue was that I was pounding my heels too much for the shoes. I just needed to lean a little further forward to force a more mid foot landing. I still miss the Ronin 4's, but the H2's are what I have and I don't see a pair of the Ronin's coming my way anytime soon.

The week itself was good and I am continuing to make good progress.

Overall, a very good week and one where the questions I needed to ask were answered. Even though I didn't like the answer, it is the way it is.

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