After a lot of thought and consideration -- I have decided to retire One Foot in Reality and leave it as an Archive. I will still monitor it to keep the trolls at bay, but will not be posting here any longer.

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Good Night Everyone

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Happy blogoversary!!! Hip, hip hurrah and all that other balderdash and hooplah.

My first blog post ever was on October 21, 2007.

A lot of words, thoughts, smiles, whining and even a few nuggets of wisdom have been passed along over the thousands of blog posts that I have been written over the last 9 years.

Usually, I would go on ad nauseum about this or that and write a long post about how much I have done as a blogger, you know that have diarrhea of the fingers stuff that I usually do, but in all honesty it is time.

Time to say goodnight and farewell to run blogging.

I have thought about this for a while now and as I continue to simplify my life, it seems like the right thing and right time to go ahead and just do it.

Someday, I might come back to blogging again, but probably not here and not as a dedicated runblogger, nope it would just be a small personal blog that doesn't any illusions or is that delusions of grandeur.

As I say good night, I will leave you with one last video

It comes down to time and how I want live it.

Good night everyone.


  1. You know I get this, it is tough in both directions, because ultimately there are so many hours in the week, and in our lives, and sometimes we realize we need to shift things around. I have no regrets about not blogging, and what helps it is having FB and IG connections with so many of the awesome friends I made while I was writing. Look forward to continuing to end your adventures there, and good luck filling the other hours with stuff that better suits what you want to do!

    1. Thanks Mike I know you went through this a few years ago, it came down to time and where I want to spend it. FB is more engaging, though not as much creativity or wanting to really write anything there - the trolls are even worse. It was just time to move in a different direction.


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