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Saturday, October 1, 2016

No, Yes and Kazan 2's - Yes it all makes sense - RunLog 10-1-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

I really, really wanted to go over to Quarry Road this morning and run in the Colby Invitational Cross Country race. To be honest I just didn't dare, the left leg is still only at about 60%, improving but tender (a lot like me as I get older) and while I can run, running faster still causes problems some problems when I run faster for longer periods and especially after.

How do I know, well yesterday's treadmill session reminded me that race pace ain't kind to the leg and while I only tried it for 0.1 and EVERYTHING felt good while running it...afterwards was not as much fun.

Which is still progress, because I was able to walk without too much of limp and then run this morning, but I also know Harold and he can be, well let's be honest, he is stoopid when the gun goes off.

So I stayed home. Boo hisss, but the leg is coming along, so hopefully I will be able to do more than whine in a month or two.

We did go for an easy 4.0 miler though this morning and while the leg was not really sore, I knew it was there. It is almost like there is an adhesion in there that needs to let go and then everything will be just fine. I have plenty of strength in the leg and can toe off well, (doing all those leg exercises has helped), until the leg gets tired and then things get sore.

It was the typical Bennie run, but it was the second run in the Mizuno Kazan 2's and was much the same, they felt good, though a little too long compared to other shoes I have.

I did test them down-back and they did great in the loose dirt on the side coming back up Steven's Hill, the smaller loose rocks and stuff you find on dirt roads didn't bother, but running over bigger rocks was painful without a rock plate.

I wouldn't want to run on scree or some place with lots of sharp rocks, it would beat the hell out of my feet, traction wise they were fine. They did fine on the tar sections of the run and would seem to be a good choice for what I want them for primarily - winter running.

Now to get them out in nasty weather, with the merino winter weight wool socks (the shoes will fit better then) and see how they perform.

Good recovery run, but I do wish that this leg thing would resolve itself sooner rather than later, but it is looking like the later is continuing to win this battle. :-) Keep moving one step forward.

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