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Friday, October 7, 2016

Questions Answered - Not The Ones I Wanted - RunLog 10-7-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

It has been a rough week at work, not any drastic or anything, we are just super busy as we get through the first round of exams for the semester. Which is always tough as students and staff get back into the swing of how things need to get done, to get things done :-).

That and working the 11-7+ shift has just left me brain-dead when I get home and certainly not upta doing any kind of writing.

Yeah, I have run all week and today and today, I wanted to do a little test to see if the leg could hold a 8:00 minute pace for a 5K and have one or two harder pops to see how I felt.

One problem - it was freaking hot. It is October and 75*F, bright sun and just a breeze, makes it uncomfortable for me to run faster even when I am running well, so my little time trial had that added degree of difficulty.

So how did it go?

I am not sure what happened at the start with the GPS, it is clear right there, so the watch dropped the signal or something??? During the first part I felt pretty comfortable and didn't feel like I was pushing hard to get to a decent pace, but with the heat I wasn't going to go after that sub 8:00 for the run.

However, when I got to the walkway by Jewett Hall, I pushed a little harder and got under 7:00 for most of the path and got a segment CR for it (pretty damn soft), but after I did slow down, but I don't know where some of those drops came from, I didn't feel as though slowed down that much at any point during the run.

I did have to kind of scratch my head, when I was going through one of the parking lots, a couple of people were walking and one of them looked at me and picked up her pace to cut me off to the corner and force me to stop/slow down. I picked it up a little and the other person elbowed and said "hey, lookout he isn't slowing down". The person stopped and let me go by and as I passed them, I looked and said "thank you." and got a grunt from the one that sped up.

After that I just kind of plugged along, without trying to push the pace and still didn't do too badly on my splits.

While I didn't get a single sub 8:00 today, I was still happy with the amount of effort it took to get these splits. The leg didn't get in the way while I was running, but it did let me know it was not real thrilled about running faster today. It grumbled a little for a few hours after, but feels pretty reasonable now, so it let me know it still is not ready for a race.

So next week's Terrier Trot 5K in Waterville is not going to happen at this point, unless I get a wild hair across something, simply because if I can run 8:14's without feeling uncomfortable afterwards, with my stoopid side and  the possibility probability of getting caught up in the moment, I don't want to loose the progress I have made over the past month.

The Hitogami 2's did well, but by the third mile, I could tell I had been heel striking a little too much for these shoes and needed to get up on the front of my foot a little more. Nothing sore, just a "knowing" that for these shoes I need to run a bit differently and will when I get back in better shape and the leg is fully healed.

Overall, considering how warm it was, the time trial answered what needed to be answered and while I am not totally satisfied with them, they are where I actually am.

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