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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Some Mud & An Actual Stride was Sighted - RunLog 10-2-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

It rained a bit overnight, well actually it rained quite a bit overnight, which made my running shoe choice pretty easy for running down-back -- the Kazan's. The blogs I had read complained about how they didn't do well in wet weather and mud, which meant I wanted to know how they worked in those conditions and today would let me know a little better.

We started out nice and easy (which was MY plan - I already had 30 miles for the week and was just running for Bennie), that changed pretty quickly when a truck went by, before we even got to the dirt road. Bennie went into 4 paw drive and while I was doing my best anchor imitation, we still picked up the pace pretty good and then just as suddenly came to all stop once we got on the dirt road for a Bennie break.

When we got to where the Town Crew was working last week, we got into some serious muck, not deep, but enough to give me an idea on how the Kazan's would work. On the road mud, they did fine, although when I got into some deeper stuff, I could feel the shoes caking a little, but they cleared quickly, which is what I wanted. They will never be super mudders, but they are good enough to get by with where I typically run.

We had a couple more truck intervals, especially when Bennie was stopped and a truck suddenly appeared out of no where and flew by. He went into super-drive and I did become a little less of an anchor, just to see how things felt and then we just plugged along up the hill.

Once we got back on top, we did pick it up a little, the road was wet, it was a heavy mist and I wanted to see how the Kazan's felt - they did fine, no slippery feel and were reasonably quiet for the aggressive tread.

It was kind of nice to have run 3.0 miles and then be able to get back out of the old man shuffle (after the hill) that has been so much a part of my running this summer and actually have a stride.

It has been too long since I was able to have one, now to just keep it going.

Nice hair and can't see a thing out the glasses
I know the old man shuffle will be here permanently at some point, but I just want it to be later, much later.

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