Moving on From One Foot In Reality - Again

Why have I decided to move away from One Foot In Reality again, please read below.Here is the link to the new blog Time to Run Again, if you wish to keep reading my posts.The Good?It was a combination of the pandemic, reading more than I have in a long time, all the negativity that is going on around us, looking at life from a possibly shorter perspective, and thinking about what I really enjoy writing about.The answer was easy - Running and things related primarily to running.So here I am back at a Time to Run Again which is the same name that my original running blog had back in 2011. Sometimes you just have to stop, look at what you really want, even go backward, in order to move forward.Yes, there is a lot more to life beyond running, but at the same time, it is what I am passionate about. So instead of forcing myself to go in directions that I really am not as interested in as running or writing/researching about stuff that creates more anxiety in my life doesn't make a lot o…

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