Progress is Being Made on this Blog - Again

It has been a sort of neat experience returning to my old blog One Foot In Reality (OFIR) as my blog again back on January 12th. Yes, I use acronyms the old military training is hard to walk completely away from though it has been more than twenty years since I retired.

Being back to OFIR It is almost like coming home again, except it was a lot more work than I expected, like anything else that has been neglected for several years, it needed TLC. I have definitely changed quite a bit since I left all those years ago and what was here no longer met my expectations.

My interests are no longer just teaching or running.

I am finding that I am reading more, looking at both sides of issues and enjoying life more than I ever have.

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What I have been doing on the blog is a bunch of housekeeping, updating, maintenance, and general throwing out the trash stuff. It needed a thorough rehab and while I am happy with things, there are few more things that I have to look at moving forward to get it to where I want.

Luckily, I had just gone through the entire experience of setting up a new blog recently, so most of the stuff that I needed to do to get OFIR back up to snuff was pretty fresh in my mind. However, there are a few things that I still need to think more about.

Getting the sidebars set up so that they made sense has been a series of try this and then mmmm let's do this, and thinking that doesn't look right, change it again, to that's better. I imagine that I will be tweaking it a bit more as my needs on the blog change.

I did some behind the scenes stuff with Bing and Google search, checked page load speeds and other under the hood stuff that I haven't bothered with for a long time here. It brought back a smile or two and reminded me why I don't want to do a self-hosted blog ever again or get into the I am going to be a pro blogger idea ever again. No, I didn't really need to do some of that stuff, but it just seemed right to double-check on a few things that are important to readers.

To simplify the blog I even went back to using a stock Blogger theme versus the "better" one that I had on here before. However, when I looked at the code the other night, I noticed a lot of "lost" or unnecessary code and will eventually have to go in an either attempt to delete unnecessary bits and pieces or start over with a clean theme and rebuild it. Yech!!!

I like, but I do not love how things look for now.

So the theme might see a few tweaks here or there.

Also, I have a G-Suite account to go along with my One Foot In Reality (OFIR) account and never really used it in the past, I am really thinking about moving just about everything over to that account and having that be my primary Google account, with my current one becoming more of a backup that I keep around because I got it when Google first opened up the accounts to people, way back when.

However, I attached my One Foot In Reality blog to my account several years ago and after my last experience with playing around with things, I am hesitant to do much with URL stuff and I have a feeling that I would need to re-direct the .com to my OFIR account from its present home in If any of that makes sense. :-)

Probably the simplest way is just to keep my present setup and start using the as my primary email and simply have that re-directed to where I am now. Then down the road figure out how to attach my blog to my G-Suite account. Update it is already attached to my G-Suite account, now I just have to figure out how to get to Blogger in G-Suite. hehehe

I will get it figured out.


One thing I did is a bit of scrubbing of the blog after reading the post How We Name Ourselves, and a couple other posts and did some thinking about what was said, which in many ways made a lot of sense to me. The names, labels, and descriptions of who and what we are important and how we use them to describe ourselves is becoming more relevant in the age of Social Media.

While I often poke fun at myself as being an old fart, a bit cantankerous and all those other caricatures or stereotypes of getting older, is that who I really am?

Not really.

Certainly not as much as I might lead others to believe when I am poking fun at myself.

So you will be seeing a lot less of the "old fart" and other negative stereotypes of old people being used on my blog to describe my actions, silly things I do or misadventures. Most of the things I do happen to people of all ages, not just older ones and will be presented that way.

I updated my "About" page a little, nothing drastic, but it does seem to change the tone a lot more than I thought it would.

The bottom line is the words you use to describe who you are and what you do - do matter.


Yes, I plan to continue with a RunLog post, though it is evolving into more a daily life post where I also talk a bit about my running. Well at least it will when I get back off the injured reserve. :-)

Old Stuff

One thing that I didn't expect was that when I was updating my pages, that I had a really difficult time letting go of posts and pages from my previous WordPress blog and all the old posts that were still here from when One Foot In Reality was my primary blog before.

I really wanted to bring everything over to Blogger and get rid of everything else, while keeping the posts that have lain dormant here for all those years.

Finally, I got it through my thick head, that while One Foot In Reality is my old blog, this is a new start, actually a new blog and holding on to those old posts or pages, while they are important to me, are not a part of the direction I will be going in the future.

After thinking about it I have removed the old posts and didn't include some pages that I had originally thought about including.

The Reality is that

I want to focus more on the writing, and community building that can take place on a blog, than on the mechanics of having a blog. Been there done that and I am not all that interested in doing it now. So I will figure out how I will integrate my G-Suite and Gmail accounts so they work best for me.

Without having to do all the backend management and worrying about monetization strategies, I can focus more reading other blogs, commenting when appropriate (that participating in the online community thing that I am enjoying more than I ever have), reading actual books and taking time to write hopefully interesting posts, beyond just my daily

However, for having been back on One Foot In Reality for a couple of weeks now, a lot of work has been accomplished and I am very happy with my progress and excited about the direction that I will be going.

Who knows maybe one day I will be an Elder. :-)

I still gotta grow-up a bit more I have a feeling.

Do you have any comments, questions or suggestions for me at this time?

No, I am not interested in SEO optimization or other tips to become a professional or better blogger. I am very comfortable being a hobby blogger.

Originally posted on One Foot In Reality by Harold Shaw, Jr.