A Weird Weather Day - 1-13-2020

This morning Bean and I walked to the top of the hill for our daily one-mile walk - at least I should say my daily one-mile morning walk. Bennie has been rather meechy about this walk thing in the cold and dark lately. However, even though the temps were only in the teens, he somehow managed to complete the whole thing today.

Hip hip hooray for Bennie Bean.

Okay, so in other words, if that is the big news of the day, it was one of those great days where I got to relax, go to the gym, take a nap and relax a little more. MMMM yes and no.

After Bennie's long walk, which turned out to be shorter than his first walk - Hunter is still having a few problems and it was bitterly cold outside, so we turned a bit earlier than usual and neither dog seemed to upset by it.

I headed to the gym.

Nope, I was good and didn't run today and don't plan to until Wednesday or Thursday. The left hamstring is grumbling a lot less, but it still twinges every so often when it isn't supposed and while it is feeling 100% better than it did this weekend, it still has a ways to go before I want to start running on it.

So I started out with my foam rolling, stretching, warm-up stuff that does help and tomorrow I am going to be adding in bridges, slow donkey kicks, and the hamstring weight machine at light weights to help strengthen things back there. Along with the lacrosse ball mobility work, which I hate, but I gotta admit it helps.

After that

I got on the stair climber for 500 steps - about 8:00 minutes
10:00 minutes on the Cybex Arc Trainer
18:00 minutes on the treadmill with .90 at 15% incline

Actually a pretty good workout, but I still was pretty tempted after the end of the treadmill to just try it to see how the leg felt - I was good and didn't, but I really was tempted.

Lunch was some of Mary's homemade chili and cornbread leftovers. I am the leftover king around here...actually I am the local garbage pail and get to eat whatever is leftover from the previous night's supper. I don't mind, because most of the time it is a helluva lot better than PPJ or some cereal. Which is more than likely what I would end up eating a lot more if I was left to my own devices. So I don't complain at all about her leftovers.

However, I think Mary has figured out my code if it is in the refrigerator for more than two days, I probably ain't gonna eat it and it disappears. It is usually the leftovers that the SD's leave behind that comes from eateries outside of the home and I ain't big on that stuff anymore.

This is where the weather got really weird, after a quick nap or should I say snore-fest according to those who know, we went into town and it began raining. Now raining is not unusual, but when it is 18*F, it is. At first, it was just a misting a little, but as we came out of Lowe's it was starting to get the pavement darker and the windshield wipers were sliding over the ice that was forming.

Visting Target was quick, same with Hannaford, although there was this weird dude who was standing between two lines and Mary asked him if he was in line and he talked about how there were only two lanes open and all these people around and he really wasn't in a hurry. I scooted right along behind the next person and he tucked in behind us. We offered to let him go ahead, but he wasn't too interested and kept looking over at the other lane??? Not sure what he was doing, but I was willing to get going.

Then a pit stop at Sam's Club for some supplies and homeward bound. Each minute the roads were getting a little dicier and we had the van, not my 4WD truck, so I wanted to get back home sooner than later.

The strangest part was when we got back to the Sidney line (the Town that bad weather finds and stays, especially on our hill), it was more snow than icy rain and that made things even a bit more interesting. Actually, the van did better than I thought it would in that crapola and made it up the big hill without spinning a tire, even so, I was glad to be back in the yard.

I had been following the weather most of the day and didn't realize that we were supposed to get freezing rain at all today, a couple of snow showers, but nothing serious. Well to me unexpected freezing rain for a couple of hours is serious. Oh well, I guess the old saying "No harm, No foul" is apt here.

Other than that it was a fairly quiet day and while didn't run, I did get some walks in and a good session at the gym. The best thing is that the left hamstring is not nearly as grumpy and if things continue along this same path, I should be back to easy running later this week, but no training for at least a week or two after that. Gotta get that thing healed and strengthened so it doesn't crap out on me again for no reason other than me being stoopid.

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Tom said…
I'm impressed by your exercise routine ... I pat myself on the back if I do half an hour of stretching and light weight lifting. But it all helps, it all helps. Btw, Amen to your last post We're Not Angels Either.
Hshawjr207 said…
Thank you for commenting, all the stuff we do is what counts. I have been doing this stuff for several years now and because of where I was physically and mentally when I left teaching back in 2011, I have made fitness a priority and probably do too much at times. :-)

That post was a hard one to write for me and took more than a few drafts to get to where it ended up. I still am not completely pleased with it, but sometimes perfection gets in the way of good, so I hit publish.:-)
Man am I ever glad to live in semi-arid land, where liquid precip at 18 degrees just doesn't happen.

Hang in there with the hamstring recovery. Days of misery is better than months of misery.
Hshawjr207 said…
PA - I would rather have all snow this time of year, it is safer and definitely easier to deal with. You will get no argument from me, but I haven't had a good Harold being Harold yet this year so I will get impatient at some point and screw things up I am sure. Then again, I am getting older and wiser right hehehe