Good Workout, New Boots and Warmer -- 1-22-2020

This morning's walk was 16 degrees warmer than yesterday, which was a good thing. Bennie walked the entire way and investigated/marked many of the new footprints in the snow. It looked as though the deer had been out wandering around up on the top of the hill and then were chased through the woods down to our place by the coyotes that have taken up residence someplace up back.

I know it just a part of Mother Nature's Circle of Life, but I do have to admit that I ain't fond of listening to a pack of coyotes yip and howl, fairly close by when I am out walking Bennie when it is still dark outside. It is a bit unnerving, so I will be glad when the local boys, get their dogs out sometime over the next few weeks to thin out that pack quite a bit.

Finally, I got to read a Sword and Sorcery book that I actually enjoyed all the way through. The storyline was excellent, pacing quite good, although it did bog down a bit in a few areas and the characters were tarnished but likable. This is something I tend to prefer and the development of the main character was a bit twisting and turning, with a few surprises.

While the storyline somewhat it was the Hero's quest to find himself, save he girl (which one) and resolve the problem(s), how the writer got him there was well done.

It was called:

As The Crow Flies (Tales of a Thief) - Book 1 -- Robin Lythgoe

If you like that genre, it is pretty good. I got it as one of Amazon's free ebooks that they promote to get you interested in other works of the writer, in hopes that you will purchase the next books in the series. I probably will.

At the gym:

Squats (40) - bodyweight only
Balance Work 3 x  10 each leg
Push-ups - (20) (10)

Machine weight workout - Yeah, I actually did a full upper & lower bodyweight workout. First time in a long time, but if I am not running regularly, I gotta work on the weak parts of my fitness routine and playing with weights is something that I don't do all that much.

Elliptical - 4.0 miles easy

Foam Roll
Light stretching

I even figured out how to skip songs with my new Pixel 3a and the matching wired earbuds.

After lunch, we had to go to town. After last weekend's snow removal and roof raking, the wife finally talked me into realizing that I did need a pair of boots to keep my feet a bit drier than the trail running shoes that I have been earing as my winter footwear all year. Actually, I have worn trail shoes for the past 4-5 years and only dug out my L.L. Bean pack boots for really bad storms, but they are 20 years old and pretty worn out.

We went to a few stores, with a pitstop at Uncle Dean's to get their Coffee Flavored Whoopie Pies, which we only get once in a while, because they are simply delicious.

Finally, after trying on about 8 pairs of boots, I found a pair of Bogs insulated pull-ons that I liked at Sleepers going out of business sale at 40% off. Too bad they are going out of business, but they are a high-end style of a store with great products at premium prices in an area where they just don't fit. Although you do get what you pay for and anything we have purchased there has always been quality.

When I got them home, I found out that they are picky about what socks they like. So I added in a pair of insoles from a pair of running shoes that are going away soon and they felt 100% better. I am looking forward to trying them out in the morning when it is supposed to be pretty chilly again. Although I am pretty certain that they will keep my feet dry and the snow will have to be pretty deep to go over the tops.

Overall, a good day. The workout was a good one and getting the first new pair of boots in over 20 years is pretty good. I don't think these boots will last 20 years, but if I can get 4-5 years out of them, I would be pretty happy.

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CheerfulMonk said…
Here we have coyotes in the canyons around town so people have to be careful with their pets. And a couple of years ago one fellow let his pup out in the backyard to do his business and the pup was attacked by a mountain lion.

Hshawjr207 said…
A few years back one of our neighbors down on the Circle had pack of coyotes attack an Akita and kill it and injured one of their Great Danes in their back yard. There was a bit of hugh and cry and quite a few coyotes where killed. They were getting too bold and had no fear of humans. That is less of a problem now, but I have seen coyotes in broad daylight carrying dead cats in their mouths, so they are still a problem.

Supposedly we do not have mountain lions officially in Maine, but I have seen a long tailed big cat walking along my rock wall, so I tend to believe my eyes not talking points. The dark times belong to the critters and daylight to humans-sometimes.