Okay I Screwed Up Royally!!! You Can Laugh, I Just Shook My Head

Okay everyone, you get to laugh at the whiz kid, techno-savvy wonderkind here who accidentally deleted his Aging - My Thoughts Blog, when he was doing some housekeeping and updating.

Big Facepalm on that one.

I pooched this one big time and you know something, as badly as I screwed up, I am sort of chuckling at myself.

What can I really do about it other than go "oh F$#K" and a few other expletive deletives under my breath and figure out what to do next? It wouldn't do me one bit of good to yell, scream and carry on one bit. I don't even think Mary realized that I screwed up so royally. I guess reading those Stoic philosophy books gave me an edge on how to handle this one.

Although, I did immediately realize what I had done and knew that 3 weeks' worth of work is gonzo. Well, not everything. Luckily I have been pretty good about my backing things up and had my theme, posts, and pages all backed up this morning.


For someone who usually has a clue about what is going on, I really screwed this one up to the point where I can't recover my blog's URL.

There ain't a damn thing I can do about it now except to move forward.

Which really does suck and presented me with a bit of a quandary.

What do I do next?

After thinking about it over supper, I figured that I had three choices.

  • I could start over with a new blog again, with a new name and URL, 
  • go back to WordPress.com and use my name URL, 
  • Use my retired One Foot In Reality blog. 

All three options had pros and cons, but based on a lot of factors I decided to go with re-using One Foot In Reality.

Some of the reasons:

  • I already own the domain and have a G-Suite account associated with it.
  • I am liking being back on Blogger and don't plan on using WordPress.com again anytime soon
  • The name One Foot In Reality gives me plenty of room to write about whatever I want to write about. 

Based on my decision, I went ahead and completely deleted all of the old posts on One Foot In Reality (if I am going to start it over, I might as well start over) and will be doing some housekeeping with the comments, weblinks, and other settings soon.

No have no fear, I will not make the same mistake again.

It does mean that I have a lot of other work to do to get OFIR back up and running - the way that I want it to. I have a feeling just about three weeks from now I will be pretty happy with it.

Oh well, it could have been worse - the cat could have tripped me and made me drop my new laptop. This is actually relatively minor and more a pain in the butt than anything else. At least it is only three weeks into a new blog, not a couple of years.

That would really hurt.

Still, it was a damn rookie mistake, by a 13-year vet. Yeah, you can chuckle with me on this one. I ain't happy, but at least I have some options and can get back up and running fairly quickly.

Welcome to my newest blog again - One Foot In Reality.

Keep smiling, it does get better and this happened for a reason, I just haven't figured it out yet. :-)

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.


Nick Phillips said…
Sorry to hear about this, Harold but we make mistakes all the time. As long as you don't throw away a perfectly good running shoe, all is good.. Hehehe!
Hshawjr207 said…
No shoes were thrown away, but I have 9-10 pair that I will be donating to the local Youth Center. I will be down to 6 pair, a new record, though I do have my eye on a pair of GlideRides - they really intrigue me and would be a nice outside shoe for the winter. :-) Gotta rationalize those kind of things somehow or another.