Physical Exam and a Short Run - 1-28-2020

First thing this morning I had my "civilian" physical exam or otherwise known in my world as my once a year visit to the Doctor's that is required by my primary health provider to stay current in their practice and meet the requirements of my health insurance provider to have a primary care physician. Otherwise, I probably would skip this office visit every year.

It is the one medical appointment that I dread more than any other. This appointment always involves lectures about things I am not doing to their way of thinking. Which are choices I have purposely made after, previous experiences, a lot of research, thinking and being a bit non-traditional when it comes to my own health.

I believe it is my choice and responsibility to do what I believe is best for my health, not the medical profession's decision. They can provide advice or recommendations, but I make the final choices, which is not what they like to hear at times.

I weighed 163 on their office scale, the usual 5 pounds more than I do on my own scale, so things started out about the same as always. However, at 5'7" that put me at 25.3 on the BMI scale which is overweight, so I do want to lose that extra 10 pounds that are hanging around, which will help my running as well. My bp was in the normal range, at 122/70, but is higher than usual and my pulse at 67 bpm was a lot higher than my normal resting pulse of 52-55 bpm.

Yeah, I don't like doctor's offices, so that probably played a role too.

Okay, the Doc did her usual spiels or at least started to. This year I intentionally cut the spiels short by interrupting and saying "no thank you". I did it politely, but with good eye contact and forestalled the long and drawn out lectures on this or that would waste both of our time.

I did ask for and received a referral to the physical therapist about my left hamstring. I made sure that in the referral, she added in the referral that I would like a PT that is a runner if possible. I have had PTs in the who were not and didn't do much good because they attempted to treat me based on my age stereotype, versus being a fairly well-conditioned runner who just happens to be older. Which did not help with the issues I was seeing them for. So we will see how that goes.

Sometimes I do wonder just how much of the doctor's visit is now scripted by the Medical Corporation that this office is a part of. It sure did seem that way, the nurse and doc read off the screen during the visit, especially at the end when she went over the six factors for healthiness, which might be fine for some, but come-on I think she should know by now that I am already doing all of those things.

Although some of the off-the-cuff comments she made during the visit made me chuckle and when at the end of the visit basically told me that she wished all of her patients were as easy to treat as I am, she would really enjoy her job.

I let her know that unless I have an accident, cut, break or am extremely sick, that I wouldn't be bothering her until next year, pretty much the same way I have used that office for the past 9 years. We both laughed.

Overall it was a good visit, once the Doc got in the room, I was out in less than 20 minutes. I guess my contrariness and avoidance of better living through modern chemistry and focusing more on diet, exercise and leading a good life are working pretty well for now. So I guess I will live a while longer and it will be interesting to see how the physical therapist turns out.

After that, I hustled home and wolfed down a quick breakfast to be ready for the dog walk. I hate doing that, but the dogs have a routine and I don't want to get them out of it at this point.


.9 - Bennie walk
.5 - Bennie/Hunter walk

Bennie is doing a LOT better today and when I got ready to head to the gym he just jumped up into the chair and watched me leave. A much more normal way for him to act, when I head out the door. When he starts acting like a bonehead and wanting to go with me, I will know that he is doing well.

Runner warm-up
50 - squats
50 - crunches
30 - push-ups
3 x 10 bridges
3 x 10 single-leg balance work

.30 - treadmill warm-up @ 3.5 mph
1.0 - treadmill @ 6.1 mph -- the first .8 was good and I could tell that the hamstring was getting tired, not so much grumpy, just tired. It is improving, but I would like to get a handle on that slight catch when I lay on my stomach and put a little pressure on the left leg while lifting it. It feels like some scar tissue in there and is scrapping along the fascia when I put more pressure on the hamstring. This little piece is the primary reason that I wanted the PT referral.
.30 - treadmill cool-down @ 3.5 mph

2.0 - elliptical

I stopped there and didn't do the foam rolling and stretching after because I ran out of time if I wanted to get back to the house to eat lunch with Mary, which I consider more important. After lunch was a nice nap with Bennie

.5 - Bennie/Hunter walk
1.0 - Walk with Mary

The rest of the day was taken up attempting to figure out what my next pair of running shoes would be and after a lot of thinking, research and searching on the web and a stop at Dick's, it came down to two pair of shoes

Brooks Adrenaline 19
Nike Vomero 14

I really like the fit and feel of the A19, but they are heavy and more of a heavy-duty stability shoe and I am more of a neutral runner, who heel strikes. So while I didn't try on the Vomero 14s I have a pretty good idea of how Nikes fit my feet and ended up choosing them instead. The V14s seemed to be more of the shoe I am looking for as I chase one of my goals and when I read this article by Dathan Ritzenheim - Adapt or Die, it made me really look at a few things from a different lens.

I have decided to go with a bit more shoe than usual is quite honestly a concession to my age. One of the things that I have to do if I want to keep running is adapting to where I really am as a runner versus where I used to be. Something that all too often I forget to do.

The reality is that

My physical went about the way I expected it to. I got the usual lectures, which I am either doing or I just ignore and hope that how I have chosen to manage my health, does work out for me in the long run. I also got the referral to a physical therapist so I can get a plan together and also some independent views on how I can get the body to the point where I can run more injury-free toward that plan of eventually running another marathon.

At this point, I don't have a good pair of daily trainers that are working well for me and I have been looking at the Vomero 14s for several months, going back and forth over whether I should get a pair or not. They should be here early next week.


You had a good checkup! A necessary evil I guess:)
Hshawjr207 said…
Yeah, they are required, but I am re-training my Doc a little each time to not bother with the heavy-handed lectures as much. :-) Gotta keep the Docs in line a little bit and remind them that we are in charge of our health not them.
Thanks for sharing that article Harold. Good food for thought there.

Cookbook medicine is a terrible thing. It amazes me how many folks never bother to gain an elementary understanding of their own body and blindly follow directives from people who they assume are infallible experts. Probably better than the people who subscribe to modern snake oil though.
Hshawjr207 said…
Plenty of snake oil going on out there and too many people don't want to take the responsibility to take care of the only body they will ever have. Gotta take care of it and push it to make it work better, even when it is not fun. :-)