Still in January Thaw Mode - 1-24-2020

Yes, yes, yes!!! We are still in January Thaw Mode today and right through to Saturday night when we are supposed to get rain/snow mix, depending on where the snow line finally hits. Either way, it ain't sub-zero and actually is rather nice outside.

Not bikini weather, but damn fine weather for January in Maine. :-)

It did get a bit cloudy later in the day, but even Bennie approved and walked further than usual over the course of the day.

However, as soon as I finished up his first walk, I had to drive up to Inland Hospital (Northern Light) to get my labs done for my physical on Tuesday. No-fuss, no muss, checked right in, went down got the vampires involved - they done good (I didn't pass out) and when I asked if I had to pee in the bottle. Nope, no order from the doc for that. I hurriedly asked if I could use their restroom anyway. They chuckled but were understanding. Holding on to that first thing in morning pee from the time I got up to that point, well the back teeth might have been floating a bit.

I did stop at Aroma Joes for coffee, it has been open for several years, but I have never had their coffee. Service was quick and efficient and the people working there were all smiles, laughing and having a grand time. It was not the dour attitude that has become the norm at the other place in orange and purple. The coffee was decent and while a bit pricey for a 16 oz at $2.50, the difference in the atmosphere just going through the drive-through was noticeable and I like it when the people I am buying something from seem to be happy and having fun at their job. I will probably be back again if I need to buy a coffee up in Waterville.

However, I am still in no running mode, which SUCKS!!! This kind of weather makes it so that I really want to get out there and run.

Unfortunately, the hamstring is still a little bit grumpy and while I was working it a little I noticed just a bit of a catch than release from about 40 down to 30 degrees when lowering my left leg using very light weights on the laying facedown hamstring machine. My right leg does not have that issue and there might be a bit of scar tissue in there irritating the hell out of things.

That is what happened the last time I had some bad issues with my hamstring back in 2013 and I had to go to a massage therapist to get it squared away. He busted up the scar tissue and had me writhing around the table pretty good to do it though. After just a couple of visits, the healing accelerated and I was back to running fairly normally within a week of the last session. I might have to make an appointment to see Frank again.

Otherwise, unless I find another way to break up the scar tissue it will continue to irritate things every time I do something remotely like running. Maybe the doc on Tuesday will have an idea, so I don't have to pay the big bucks out of pocket again, but if it comes to it, I will.

Oh well, I can whine, but at least I am still doing what I can do without bothering the hammie.

Today's workout:

0.9 walk with Bennie
1.1 walk with Bennie & Hunter

Running Warm-up routine
Squats (40)
Push-ups (25) & (5)
Bridges - 3 x 10
Fire Hydrants - 3 x 10
Donkey Kicks - 3 x 10
Crunches - 50

Yellow Machine weights workout 2 x 10 each machine at relatively light weights, still getting used to doing weights again and won't start to increase the weights all that much until 3-4 weeks down the road. I want to get the muscles and ligaments back in shape for lifting before I go doing anything stoopid.

Elliptical - 3.0 miles

Foam rolling

1.0 - Bennie walk
0.9 - Walk with Mary

Yes, all of this stuff takes time, but I am investing my time in improving me a little, so I think it is time well spent. No, some of this stuff is not fun or easy, but most things that are worthwhile are not always easy.

Hopefully, all this stuff will help me be more ready for running when the hamstring is ready and also for making the snow removal and yard work that is just a part of living in the country less of an ordeal.

I have been plugging away on Draft No. 4 by John McPhee and am 70% done. I am learning a little bit and the last chapter on fact-checking was rather interesting, especially in light of today's post-truth political world from both parties at times. If the news organizations and TV news critters held to the level of fact-checking described in the book, we would have fewer issues with what is the truth and who is actually being truthful.

Oh well, another pretty good day and it is time to wind down a bit. I did volunteer to direct traffic and runners at Sunday's January Thaw Road Race being put on by the Central Maine Striders, so I am really hoping that the rain ha blown through by the time the race starts.

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Kay said…
As far as I’m concerned, atmosphere and service make the biggest difference in where I want to buy anything.
Hshawjr207 said…
Yeah, I totally agree and am willing to pay a premium price for the better service and atmosphere.