Still Mending and Getting Closer to Getting Back to It - 1-14-20

I am pretty sure that you noticed that I made a couple of tweaks to the colorways on the blog's theme. I just kept thinking that I was going to my other blog every time I would go to One Foot in Reality, so changing to blue some of the primary points seemed like a good way for me differentiate between the deleted and my current blog for me and readers.

Well, Bennie made it two days in a row walking in the dark to do our mile walk first thing in the morning.

We got to watch the sunrise and started our day off pretty good.

The second walk was with Hunter and we tried down-back, but the snow-covered ice proved to be a bit too tricky, so we cut that short, came back up and did a lap around the Circle. It was chilly, but not too bad for mid-January.

Another gym day and still not running, but getting closer.

I did my warm-up, added in all the extra stuff I talked about last night and then did the cardio portion. Today I wanted to go a little longer, so I did the treadmill first:

  • .10 warm-up and then .90 at 3.6 @ 15% incline - The hamstring didn't complain too much, so I figured that the elliptical would be a good bet for the next on the cardio parade. 
  • 3.0 miles with 5x .10 bursts between miles 1.0 and 2.0, with .10 recoveries. I thought that those might get the hammie's attention, but it did bark at all, which is promising.
  • Although I did go on the stair stepper to talk with Jon and thank him again for his generous offer. However, the leg had had enough and by the time I got in 50 steps was telling me time to cool it. So I did.

I am finding that the elliptical more like non-impact running than I do the Cybex Arc Trainer. For me, it just feels closer to how I run and I get more hip extension on one. Now if I can just get the 18-year-old cat out of our spare bedroom where our elliptical is located to actually use it without wacking her in the head and getting in a whole lot of trouble. Perhaps I can do some good cross-training at home too.

The rest of the day was kind of a blur, we didn't do a lot, but we sure seemed busy. However, that is how it is for most days. Although, I did get up on SD2's roof to see if the repairs needed repairing again. It didn't, but I do know that I am getting a lot meechier about getting on icy roofs than I used to be. I guess I know how much hitting the ground would hurt if I slide off.

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Pretty morning!

I like to stretch and lift and even do some hiit at the gym but I cannot abide stationary cardio. I'd like to like it and it would make winter conditioning more convenient but I just can't hack it. I'd take the icy roof any day!
CheerfulMonk said…
Good for you for staying in shape while you're healing. It's hard to be patient.
Hshawjr207 said…
PA - Thanks for commenting. It definitely was and the view got better a few minutes later, but missed the photo op. Indoor cardio is just a fact of life for me, so I have calloused my brain to it. I get to spend plenty of time outside, with walking the dogs, puttering and stuff. I fell off roof/ladder a few years back and for some reason or other am pretty meechy about falling again. The pain factor is a pretty good limiter on that stuff for me :-)

CM - Usually not that good about being patient, but also know that if I rush back too soon on this one, it will linger for a few months, not days, so am trying. :-)