What Did Changing Blogs Really Accomplish?

Back on December 20, 2019, I decided to create this blog and retire my other ones. Over the past three weeks, it really has been quite a whirlwind around here.

So what did I actually accomplish by moving to a new blog?

Well, let's update this just a little. Since I screwed up and made the blog I wrote this post on unreachable and later deleted it about 5 hours after writing this blog post, it seems that I need to change a few things on this particular post.

A lot of what I wrote remains pertinent and yeah, I am sort of chuckling as I read this too.

First I will be saving over $150 in annual fees that I would have to pay in 2020 to keep my other blogs and if I had gone over my data cap, that would have increased even more. So I did save quite a bit of money, which I know the missus will not complain about too much.

However, and to me, more importantly, it allowed me to move on from focusing just on running. In the end, my Just A Runnah blog had turned into just me writing about my running and something of a daily diary which was not the intent of the blog.

Plus I was not really involved with the online running community all that much, no commenting on other runner's blogs, limited Twitter engagement and not writing any blog posts about the many things I do know about running or running news, other than the occasional running shoe or running book review. Running in races just wasn't part of my running life over the past couple of years and my participation in the local running club has bottomed-out both of which are big-ticket writing items when you are a runner.

Looking back at the posts during that last month there, I wasn't really writing anything original or all that interesting and the 5-10 regular readers were probably bored out of their skulls with the lack of variety of topics.

So it was time to move on.

I am very glad that I did.

No, my stats Aging - My Thoughts were not booming and that is okay, I am not in this for the stats or much of anything else beyond enjoying writing again.

Which I can say that I am.

Over the past three weeks I have written quite a bit:

Yes, about half of those are my daily diary and some were the end of year/start of year stuff that always adds a lot to the mix. However, the rest of the published posts and fifteen more that I have in draft form are what are important to me. They are actual original thoughts and writing on my part, with ideas and things that have been bottled up inside my head, but had no place to go, but are now finding their way out onto the screen.

This is what I wanted when I started this blog.

Also, I did not realize what a vibrant community of bloggers that were out here putting their thoughts out there about their lives and things they are thinking about. It will take a while to become a member of the community, but as I read more of their writing it is a good community to be a part of and I look forward to some great conversations that will be shared in there.

This does not mean that I will be abandoning the running community, I have made several online and real-life friends through my involvement there and have no plans to leave. I tend to believe that we all are multi-faceted enough to exist in multiple online communities simultaneously, after all, we do it daily in real-life.

One thing that surprised me is how I am now using my blog. It has become the central point in my online life. Adding in my RSS feeds/blogs I follow as a widget on the blog itself versus having a dedicated feed reader has actually been great for me and will help me to become more active in several online communities. I also know that I will visit the actual article or blog, and comment on more posts this way.

As some of you I am sure to have noticed that I have continued to tweak the blog with where the widgets are located, updating and adding pages to make things easier for readers and myself to find things easier or just making the blog more readable in whatever format you choose to read it in.

I have also been relearning how to use Blogger and some of the tricks and things that make using it easier. The biggest thing is figuring out again how to use my Google account to comment on other blogs, you can read all about that here.

So what did changing blogs really accomplish?

It made me happy.

Really, not all that much changed by me going back to One Foot in Reality other than I have to update more than a few of the links in the blog posts that I did write and the URL for the blog. Other than that I am pretty much back at square one again. :-)

Fall down, drop crap, pick yourself and it back up and keep moving forward. :-)

Yes, you are what you do.

Originally posted on One Foot In Reality, written by Harold L. Shaw, Jr.


CheerfulMonk said…
"So what did changing blogs really accomplish?

It made me happy."

Amen to that! That's why I post every day. I've added you to my feed reader.
Hshawjr207 said…
That is why I blog now, in the past it was for other reasons, but now it is because I love writing and this is my outlet and yes, it does make me happy. You have been in my blogs I visit for little bit now, but I usually just look around for a few posts before I comment. :-)
So glad you are happy! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Someone once told me having a blog is like having your own private room, you can say what you want and people can visit or not. Happy Blogging!