A Bit of a Blah Day - 2-3-2020

Today was one of those days where you just go with the flow, nothing overly special happened, most people would consider it just another boring day in a boring life. Me...well I disagree, while nothing new, exciting or horrible happened, I got to enjoy the life I have. Wake up, walk the dogs a few times, go to the gym, run, talk with the wife, act like an old married couple, laugh a few times, do the cat box, prep meals, chores, do dishes, watch a little TV, read and just be able to live a quiet, but busy life.

I think that is actually a pretty nice day.

Oh yeah, I did delete all of my news apps, stopped following new sites on Twitter and Facebook and unsubscribed to most of the notifications that I received via email, especially those of the political variety - it doesn't make a lot of sense to follow politics now, there is no single unifying theme that unites the Country, it is all about Party, Party, Party and it is all about power and who has it - what else is new - it has been this way throughout history and it sucks to be in the middle of it now in America. It doesn't seem to matter which party you belong to, the other side is the enemy - not fellow Americans.

I think it is time to tune out most of the noise until next year at this time.

It made for a much quieter and relaxing day.

Most of the news centers around stuff that I zero input or control over, so I really don't need the constant stress of the next news crisis or read/listen to pundits expound on their made for media/TV thoughts to keep the controversies rolling along at breakneck speeds. I am going to be focusing more on my own little corner of the world and unless some big story comes out of the woodwork that I really need to know more about, I have a feeling that I can avoid a lot of the negativity and shite that is going on nationally and globally and not miss it all that much.

However, I will be knowledgeable about who and what I am voting for in 2020.


.9 - Bennie Walk
1.5 Bennie/Hunter walk

Runners warm-up
50 squats
4 x 10 balance work

3.1/28:54 -- 9:20 | I never felt quite right on the entire run. The hamstring never loosened up at all and the breeze down on Leighton was a bit more than expected - no biggie just put me in a bad state of mind during the run. It sure was not the run I expected, but I ran and made it through without any major issues from the hamstring - it just was having a bad day, which in turn didn't help mine. Oh well, that is to be expected, the recovery process is not a straight upward line, it will have dips and valleys along with side-scooting and a few peaks before it is healed and I can get back to running the way that I want to run.

.25 - walk to cool-down

2 x 20 bridges
2 x 10 single leg bridges
3 x 10 single leg 10-second balance
3 x 10 step-ups
50 crunches
20 hip pushes on one knee
Foam roll

.9 Bennie/Hunter walk
1.0 Mary walk

Lacrosse ball massage - that hurt like hell, but seemed to loosen up the hamstrings in both legs

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