Chauffeur Duty, Massage Therapy and Running - 2-6-2020

Snow in the morning meant that I had SD2 chauffeur duty. The roads were pretty nasty all the way into her work and coming back home wasn't much better.  Fortunately, the roads had improved a lot by the time I went to the gym, so that was nice and when I drove over Frank's for my appointment the main roads were clear, but the side roads were nasty.

I made it to the massage appointment with Frank about a 1/2 hour early and he got me going early. He focused on the left leg and found quite a few places that got my attention. He told me there was an old injury in one of the lower hamstring muscles, next to where my present injury is that was very noticeable to him (I tore it pretty badly about 15 years ago when I was sprinting against some students while working as a teacher at Good Will Hinckley), and I definitely noticed when he worked on that area. I could feel several releases of something going on in the leg when he was digging into it. 

After all his ministrations the leg feels pretty well abused tonight and is sore, but at the same time, it feels better than it has for a while - if that makes any sense?

I have a feeling that this next week will continue the progress I am making, as long as I don't attempt to do too much, too soon.

It was kind of surreal that Frank is a bowhunter and did 3D archery down on Cape Cod at the same time I did when I was living at Otis and we knew several of the same people at the Newman's Archery Shop out the back gate. Funny how small a world it can be at times.

Overall, a very tiring day, there is something about driving to Augusta three times in the storm that just takes a lot out of me and when you add in having an extremely aggressive deep tissue massage therapy session, well I could have fallen asleep in my chair around 7:00 PM versus writing this post up.


.9 - Bennie walk -- The Town hadn't plowed yet, so the first part of the walk was pretty tough in the boots when we got up to the speed limit sign the Town plow came over the top of the hill. Actually, I thought the roads were better before they plowed. It moved a couple of inches of snow on the ground but created a lot of white ice. However, the plow created a small area on the side of the road that was down to the tar and we were able to walk in those areas.

.5 - Bennie/Hunter walk

Chi Running Warm-up
50 - Squats
20 - Push-ups

I knew that I was going to see Frank and the massage would be an hour-long workout of its own, so I didn't get too overly aggressive about doing a huge pre-run workout. Plus the hamstring was a little grumpy from walking on the snow in my boots this morning, so I didn't want to do overdo things.

0.30 @ 3.6 mph warm-up 

3.0 @ 6.5 mph - I could tell that the hamstring was grumpy when I got going and while the discomfort lessened once I got a mile in, the hamstring was never completely happy.
When I got to 2.0 mile I thought about upping the speed by .1 mph and decided not to since the grumbling was still going on. 

Not a great run, but I got it done.

0.30 @ 3.6 mph cool-down - The hamstring was a little grumpy at the end. 

Nike Vomero 14 -- No problems with the shoes, but the lower stack height in the forefoot makes strong toe-off not so much difficult as much as I don't feel it, which is okay, but not for going faster.

After Running
2 x 20 @ 90lbs Leg Press weights
3 x 10 @ 30lbs Hamstring Curl
2 x 10 @ 90lbs Chest Press, Lat Pulldown, Chest Row,
2 x 10 @ 40lbs Overhead press, bicep curls
3 x 10 step-up each leg
2 x 10 one leg side step down each leg
Foam Roll

.9 - Bennie walk - Hunter decided that he was more interested in finding crow food, so Bennie and I took off without him and while the roads had been plowed they were still slick, so we had to pay attention to what we were doing. 

Daily Stoic Reflection


Sometimes the man in the arena is there for the wrong reasons and would be better served to stand back and watch others to see what is actually happening before jumping in without the proper preparation, knowledge or skills for the activity or event that is going on. 

Often knowing the rules of engagement are helpful, especially when they are made so that the outcomes are predetermined and you would be better off picking a different time/place or event to better serve your efforts or use of your time. You have to determine if the struggles that will be endured are worth the efforts needed to be in the arena. 

Personally, I purposely chose to opt-out of the fast-track career path many years ago, I found that I did not have the temperament for continuing down that road. While it affected the amount of money that I have earned, prestige I might have earned or other things that society seems to dwell upon, that lifestyle was not for me.

I like the life I lead better today than the one that is constantly full of the need to succeed at all costs and all the stresses that go along with that lifestyle. I prefer my staid, boring life over the constant rolling boil that many others have chosen for their lifestyle.