Out of the Deep Rabbit Hole - Week In Review 2-23-2020

There now that I have things back in some semblance of "normal" in my life, I can get back to posting normally on this heah blog again.

What happened that got things all discombobulated anyway you ask?

Honda Ridgeline

To be honest, I got sucked unexpectedly off into a really deep rabbit hole and came out the other end owning a new 2019 Honda Ridgeline truck and trading away my old reliable 2011 Ford Ranger. You can read about my adventures in truck buying here and here.

Yes, the Honda Ridgeline really is a truck and I am loving it so far. 

It does help that on the day after we got it, I baptized it in a nice little predicted 3-6 inch snowstorm turned more into the 6 inches plus kind of storm. The Ridgeline did everything I asked of it in the nasty driving conditions that I put it through that day. I didn't get the arse-end slide that I typically got even in 4WD in my old Ranger going around corners and accelerating uphill. The Ridgeline has very good manners in crappy conditions when I have chauffeur duty.

It also helps that I am averaging over 24 mpg in it and that it rides better than any vehicle I have ever owned. Today's experience on I95 just solidified how comfortable the Ridgeline is. I was just keeping up with traffic and looked down at the speedometer and decided that I needed to slow down quite a bit. It was riding so freaking smoothly that the wife hadn't spoken to me about how fast we were going. Cruise control is a necessary feature with the Ridgeline that WILL help me avoid those funny blue flashing lights getting turned on behind me. 

So far I am very impressed with the Honda Ridgeline.

Chance Reunion

Last Wednesday I was at Charlie's Honda getting the rear seat cover and hood low profile wind dam put on the Ridgeline. While in the waiting room, I noticed that one of the guys had a Coast Guard ball cap on and I got to talking to him, he was a retired helo pilot and then one of the other guys spoke up that he had been in the Coast Guard. It turns out it was a guy I had been stationed with at AIRSTA Cape Cod - George Hart. We gabbed about people we used to know and some of the stuff that we remembered. I am pretty sure that I was his Yeoman at the time he was discharged and did the paperwork.

What are the odds of three old Coasties being in the same Honda waiting room in Augusta, Maine at the same time? Especially when two of us were stationed in the same place back in the mid-1970s.

Pretty cool if you ask me.

Then you add in that the fourth person sitting there worked at BIW at the same time I was working out of the trailers on the Coast Guard's 378 FRAM project at RIO Bath and he claimed that he had worked on the USCGC HAMILTON.

A very small freaking world - indeed.

Wife and I Time

On Saturday, the wife and I finally got to celebrate our Valentine's Day, we took off for our favorite used book store in Oxford and along the way stopped in Lewiston for lunch. We ate at the Mother India restaurant for lunch and really enjoyed the meal, it had been a 15 years or so, since the last time we ate Indian food. 

Then we headed for Oxford. It was just the two of us, so we got to relax and enjoy the trip, look around a bit more than usual and I even picked up a few books. Usually, I am too concerned about getting back outside to take care of Bennie that I really don't look closely at the books.

While we were there, Mary spotted a piece of carnival glass that she thought might have been her mother's from when they lived down in Norway (the next town over). As she sat and stewed over it on the way home and did some research after that, she was pretty positive that it was her mother's piece. I just said we will go get it tomorrow and we did. The next day we headed back to Oxford, she picked the piece up for a song and it now sits proudly where we will see it every day. 

So it has been a busy week.


Two consecutive weeks of getting in over 20 miles - which means that I am getting back on track - finally. The left hamstring is beginning to feel better, I would put it at 75-80% and still not ready for any faster running and yes, it still starts to grumble a bit when I decide to do too much. 

So I am keeping my running slow and working on re-establishing a good base. Although I do have to start putting a little more mileage into the pot too. While the walking side helps a little with the base, it is not the same as running. This means that I am really attempting to not increase my mileage too much too soon - that great balancing act. Do enough, but not too much, which I am not all that good at most of the time. However, it has taken over 7 weeks to get back to where I am now and I do not want to screw it up.

When I look objectively at my progress back to full running, I am doing just okay on the warm-up activities before running, but I am doing more after running stuff, stretching, body weight, and machine weights, along with foam rolling and lacrosse ball massages (that thing hurts you!) than I have in years, so those are encouraging signs. Now to keep it up after I get back to full running, which has always been the problem, I don't keep up with the pre and post running stuff I need to do, I just want to run and the other stuff not so much.

I still need to put together a solid plan and just make it a part of my running routine so I will stick with things going forward to help ensure that the hamstrings and other body parts don't decide to get too angry with me again.

Although I did have a day when I hit 35 consecutive pushups. My chicken wings and shoulder didn't appreciate it, but those things will complain no matter what I do or if I do nothing, so I might as well just keep doing. :-)

I just finished up a 50-mile review of the Nike Vomero 14 and have three runs in the Nike Odyssey React 2s, so I am pretty much back in the Nike world of running shoes for a while. I love my New Balance shoes, but having injured my hamstring in the Beacon v1 and then the Propels feeling like my right knee was caving in too much, make me a little hesitant to run in them until the body gets back to running as pain and discomfort-free as a 62-year-old body will be.

The reality is that 

Overall, it was a pretty good week, although I gotta admit I have to take back control of filling the pie hole with better choices. That part does need a bit of work. At least February is almost over and the toughest month of the year for me is coming up - March.

It always gives signs of what is to come, but all too often reminds us of the fickleness of the weather and we still have a few more winter storms to contend with I am sure. However, with each passing day, the days get longer and warmer and signs of spring are starting to show.

Now to get the body ready for more miles and then in April start adding a bit of speed back into the equation. I do miss the speedwork, I know I am sick, but I love running fast or at least I consider to be fast nowadays. :-)



Kay said…
That’s a very unusual, special bowl. That must have made Valentine’s Day super wonderful for your wife.
Hshawjr207 said…
I think it did, she was smiling her big smile when she brought it out to the truck. It was a piece that was supposed to be hers, but things got lost in the shuffle and then it was just sitting there waiting for her to take it home. Made the wife very happy.
Andy said…
Gotta love cruise control on the highway. Keeps me out of trouble.
I'm trying to control my snacking after dinner. That 4 hour period between the dinner table and bed is killing me! I can't make any progress.
It's a bad habit but when I try to break it it messes with my sleep which is my #1 priority. So what's a guy to do?
Have a good week,
Hshawjr207 said…
Yeah that time frame from 6:30 to 9:00 is deadly for me. I want something sweet at that time of night badly. Otherwise my eat in ng is pretty good. I say you eat enough to keep me sleeping great 😃
Hshawjr207 said…
Damn auto correct take out the me up there heheehe