Quiet, Ice Storm and a Day of Rest - 2-7-2020

Ice storms are probably the biggest nuisance storms that there are. It is like the death of a 1,000 cuts you don't realize how bad things are until you try to move around things are a lot worse than you believed they would be. 

This latest installment of winter is close to skating rink and would have been even worse if it had not snowed a couple of inches yesterday. Yeah, while we have had ice storms over the years up heah, it seems to me and how I tend to remember things that these kinds of storms, in the past were primarily snow. Now those storms coming in more often as rain, freezing rain, sleet and we end up with a LOT of ice on the ground and elsewhere. 

However, since "officially" there is no such thing as climate change, I will simply not believe what my eyes are seeing and feet are walking on. 

It makes perfect sense to me.

Something I attempt to do clean my laptop and phone every couple of weeks. Since I wasn't going anywhere today, I get out the alcohol, a rag, a can of compressed air and put the laptop on its side and saw how much gunk came out of the keyboard. I know, I know if I didn't eat or snack while using the damn thing, I wouldn't have this problem, but I do, so when the keys start sticking it is time for the compressed air to help out. 

Then comes the alcohol wipe down. All the nastiness, bugs and other stuff are cleaned off the screen, keyboard and rest of the computer. Then I get to wipe down the phone, this cleaning does help the appearance and since both are touch screens, for some reason or it seems that the touch works a bit better when the screen is clean.  However, today they both seemed nastier than usual, maybe I am eating too much crap around them again or it has been longer than two weeks since the last time I performed this magic undertaking.

Since the weather outside is such that driving is not an option or at least not an option just to head down to the gym, today is a rest day. Bennie provided a great example of what to do on a rest day for me.

Probably a good thing since I just feel pretty tired and beat up. The hamstring is feeling decent and areas of my left leg that are always just feeling a bit off, feel different today. Not so much feeling great, more a feeling that they are relaxing and don't have that constant dull achiness that I have come to think of as normal. The right leg actually feels tighter and still has that offness feeling in a few places. So I tend to believe that the hour with Frank poking, prodding, and me writhing around on the table was probably worth it. Next time the right leg gets the abuse.
Around 1:00 PM, I sat down with Bennie for our daily communing time and went to sleep very quickly. I sort of cracked an eye open at 2:00, but I just couldn't wake up and slept through to almost 3:00. It is the first time in a long, long time I have done that, so I must have been very close to exhausted. We have been on pretty much screech it seems like forever and really do need a break from things around here - at least to start living life on our schedule versus it revolving around everyone else's. 

About 3:30 we lost cable TV and the Internet. The ice storm or something had caused it to go out. I really am not complaining all that much, that is the time of day that it seems like we are the busiest, walking dogs, our walk together, feeding the critters, supper prep work, showering, eating supper and the clean-up. Then when we finally collapse into our recliners that was when I got a chance to see what life is like again without the 24/7 Internet or TV.

After finishing up the supper chores, we sat down to relax. Thankfully we still had power, but it was a lot quieter and I didn't feel the need to surf, click on links within articles that I had saved to read or even put on headphones to listen to music when I could have.

Without the Internet, the house just seemed different.

It was a lot quieter and things moved at a slower pace.

or maybe it was me that was different and I went back to what I did before the Internet was such a large part of our lives. 

I did get caught up on my reading:

A lengthy article The Ultimate Workflow for Writers Obsessed with Quality by Rob Hardy from 2017. He had a lot of nice process ideas for writing and reminded me to use the tools that are available to me.

I also read quite a few pages from the book Elderhood by Louise Aronson. I am not sure if I am liking it or not. It is more of a biography of her experiences as a doctor who becomes a geriatrician, but it also shines a negative light on aging and the medical system in the U.S. 

This is not necessarily a bad thing and many of the things she has talked about so far in the book are things that I have issues with the current medical practices in our Country. 

At this point in my life I really believe that less intervention into my life by the medical establishment is probably a better thing. It scares the crap out of me that as I get older that their involvement in my day-to-day life will increase whether I like it or not. Elderhood so far does not alleviate those fears and concerns, if anything it confirms many of them and makes me wonder what the future will hold for me and the way that I view things. I am fairly certain that I have the non-compliant label on my medical record and ask too many questions because I am willing to research their recommendations before I decide on a course of action.

Not that I can do anything much about it now, other than continue to live a healthy life, eat decently, have my will and medical directives up to date. The prolongation of life is nice in theory, but I am more interested in the functional side of life. The "What can I still do"? That part of life that is more important than simply gaining time hooked up to machines, sitting on a couch, laying in a bed or not knowing who I am anymore. I will say that the book is making me think about how life will be for me as I age. I want to live a long life, but the quality of that life will be a huge consideration in determining which medical procedures and medicines that I allow to happen to my body.

After a while, I grew tired of reading her biography and thoughts on health, aging and how it plays out in today's world. It was actually a bit depressing and I can only dive into the book for short periods of time before I have to come up for air and something a bit lighter or at least different. I think that is the part that I don't like and may cause me to set the book aside.

Since the Internet was still out, I also read several chapter of the ebook Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday, so far it is a very good introduction to philosophy book that I need to be a starting place on my journey into areas that I have not explored other than a few surface attempts in the past. Several things I read made a lot of sense based on my experiences.

However, for some reason I started thinking about art and how I have a difficult time drawing well and how jealous I am of others who have talent when comes their ability to draw. It was almost like a part of a waking dream. I saw myself taking an art class and failing several times, even though I had some of the technical skills necessary to draw well, I did not have the creative sense or lack of inhibitions to draw freely. I kept telling the instructor I am only drawing for me and I couldn't hear the response, no matter how many times it was given. I don't know why that thought came to me while reading this book, but it did. 

It was actually kind of weird experience and certainly not one you would expect to have while reading a philosophy based book.


Today turned into rest day and I decided not to do much of anything other than walk.

.4 - Now that was nasty! Bennie didn't want to be out there and once we got off the road, he wandered around the yard for a few minutes. Needed the screw shoes to stay upright

.5 - Still quite nasty, the freezing rain is coming down with a North wind, I wouldn't want to be out there driving.
.4 - Not a whole lot better and the roads were a mess and we turned around when I saw that Depot (the neighbor's dog) was out without a collar on - he tends to visit us in the road when that happens and I didn't feel like dealing with that today. Bennie didn't complain at all about it and went right back into the house pretty quickly when we got back.

2.0 - Mary and I walked two laps on Philbrick and the plow truck came through about the time we got to the speed limit sign, which made the roads marginally better to walk on. It was still freezing rain when we finished at 4:15 PM

Rest Day - Much appreciated and needed so it seems.

Daily Stoic Reflection


A pretty appropriate post for today after the Impeachment trial has been completed, it is almost as though this quote was meant for this time. The President has decided that in victory to continue to rally his base of supporters and vilify anyone who disagrees or detracts from his view on how things should be. It will be interesting to see how the acquittal and his temperament going forward will play out in national policy initiatives and investigations into political rivals. 

In my personal life the fear of taking risks versus the security that my lifestyle brings me does limit some growth and opportunities, but at the same time I have recognized this fact about myself and accepted it as a part of the direction I have decided take. I think as long as you recognize and think out many of the choices you make, the fear factor of how others view or feel about you becomes less of an issue, especially as you grow older. That getting some sand in your pants idea. 

The reality is that 

Today reminded me of how much different life was before the Internet exploded into our lives. It has changed everything from how we interact with each other, to how we spend our time at home or work. It is too late to go back to the way things were Pre-Internet (PI) unless some disaster takes it down, but it losing it this afternoon was a gentle reminder that we can exist quite nicely without it. In fact, in some things, I have a feeling that we might actually be better off.

Hopefully, the electricity stays on overnight as the winds are picking up pretty good and that tomorrow the roads are clearer. Although I have a feeling that I will be spending quality time behind the snowblower in the morning and probably if I get to run, it will be a treadmill workout.
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