What is Important and 3.0 More on the Treadmill - 2-1-2020

Sometimes it is not the big things that we do over the course of a day, often it is the little things.

Getting ready to write this post I always ask myself "what was the most important thing that you did today?" When I got to thinking about all the "stuff" I did, I kept coming back to the small things that I had done with Mary over the course of the day.

No, we didn't go out and do the town or anything like that. It was more when we walked the dogs, we talked, laughed and enjoyed each other's company.

While I got a late start on my gym workout (we slept in for a change), I still purposely cut short my workout to ensure that I made it home in time to eat lunch with her - a small thing, but one that I try to do most of the time, especially since Wednesday and Friday - that didn't happen.

For Bennie's last I offered to do the walk alone to give her some time to do stuff around the house that she wanted to get done (she is the energizer bunny) and when I got back and started back out the door for my final mile walk she told me to wait up. We walked together just talking about nothing and everything.

Now she is sitting at her computer playing a game and I am writing this post, it is a companionable silence and we both know that the other is there if we need anything.

Yeah, sometimes it is not a big event or leaving the house, often the most important things that I do are done with my wife. After all, she is my best friend, partner and the woman I love.

Life can be pretty simple at times.

Working out

Yep, another gym day. I was going to run outside, but I forgot the long-running pants at home, so I thought it was not a good idea to be running outside in 30-35*F weather when you are recovering from a hamstring strain.

Inside again.

Runner stretching
50 squats
25 push-up -- I just didn't have the mindset for the extra 5-10 that I wanted, so I stopped.
50 crunches
2 x 20 bridges
2 x 10 single leg bridges
4 x 10 balance work each leg
3 x 10 Frank's side stretch

2.0 miles @ 6.2 mph -- I was so excited about trying out a new pair of running shoes that I forgot to do my .3 warm-up today. Oh well, it did make that first quarter-mile a bit rougher than usual, but once the old body got the idea it was time to run, things settled down pretty quick. I ran comfortably, but I just couldn't find the right rhythm and the run was feeling a bit forced. The hamstring was doing okay, but there is about a one-inch circle on that damn left hamstring that is not letting me do what I want. I am pouting, but smiling too. Especially since that is a LOT better than how it felt earlier in the week.

1.0 mile @ 6.3 mph -- It is amazing how much of a difference increasing the speed by 0.1 mph can make. Within .05 of making the change, I could feel my stride smooth out and I just ran more freely and comfortably. Running at the slower pace, it seemed as though I was braking on each stride. I was tempted to turn it up one more, but I am really trying to stay conservative about coming back, so I kept it right at 6.3 mph.

A nice way to bring in February.

I had wanted to do a lower body workout on the weight machines, but I was up against my self-imposed time limit and only did a quick foam roll at the end.

Okay, what shoes are you playing with now?

Nike Vomero 14 in a size 8.5

They are a neutral cushioned trainer and while they are not the lightest shoes around, they seem more supportive than all the other shoes that I have available to me, plus I have not been injured while running in them so that is an important consideration. I like the way that the Vomero 14's fit my feet, although I have a feeling that I could go down a half size and be very happy too.

Usually, shoes that have a lower stack height in the front of the shoe cause my tailor's bunionette to grumble on my right foot, but none of that happened while running today, although it was a slower and shorter run than I would normally do in them. I consider this a really nice first run and am looking forward to running in them when the hamstring is not grumbling.

Otherwise, it was just a day in the life, where you do your chores around the house and just enjoy the life you have.

Overall, a good day

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CheerfulMonk said…
That's the best reason for blogging, I think. To make us appreciate and celebrate the important things in our lives.
Hshawjr207 said…
Yep, there is no doubt about that and also to be able to look back and read about those little things as life moves on around us. :-)