A Chilly Run This Morning - RunLog 3-22-2020

Spring has Sprung, but somebody forgot to tell Mother Nature that it is supposed to be a bit warmer.

That is chilly in my world, but since going to the gym and playing on the treadmill is not an option now, it is what I get to enjoy. Actually, once I got going while it was chilly, it wasn't all that bad.

Although I do have to admit I prefer to run when it is warmer.

Bennie and I had walked over to the old cranberry bog on Blake Road earlier this morning.

So I wrongly figured with the temps being where they were that the road down-back would not be all that bad. Unfortunately, that dream didn't hold up when it came time to get out and run.

However, just as I was getting ready to run at the end of the driveway after adjusting my socks, Mary was finishing her run. So I waited to talk with her to see how she was doing and how Hunter (SD2's beagle) was. We had a lot to talk about so we went back inside instead of standing at the end of the driveway freezing. He is not doing good at all and she was pretty upset by how badly he is doing. We talked for a while and even though I really was not in the mood to go for a run I needed some space too.

By the time I got out even with the cold chill in the air, down-back was starting to get pretty slimy and I met a couple of the neighbors out walking at the bottom of the hill. We chatted at a comfortable distance for a couple of seconds and I kept moving. By this point, I really wasn't all that sure about how far I wanted to go, but I kept plugging along.

When I got down to Tiffany and on the tar thing felt better underfoot and while I didn't really speed up all that much, I just maintained a nice pace based on a very comfortable effort. When I got to Wildwood, I decided to go for the 5.0 miles that I would get if I went down to Notta Road. Things were going pretty good until I got back on the dirt road down-back. Even with temps in the low '20s and wind chills bringing things down even farther. The sunshine was bringing the frost out of the ground and the road was getting pretty slick.

By the time I got up to the tar on Philbrick, I wished that I had on a pair of trail shoes because as much as I am liking running in the Bondi 5s, the amount of slime they had to go through was not fair to them and I was having to navigate between the slime and the still-frozen tire track ridges.

This was when things were still frozen while walking Bennie
Even so, the legs didn't feel too trashed and my feet while bothering a little were feeling good enough to another mile on tar. So I did and that meant I got 30 miles for the week, which is a goal I am attempting to maintain through this pandemic for as long as I can.

It was a good, but chilly run and one I needed with the news about Hunter. He may only be a dog, but he is still a member of our family and I know that we all are worried about him. However, no matter what is happening around us, life goes on and all we can do is the best we can each day that we have.

Stay healthy my friends and enjoy the life we do have, that is what is important now.

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Kay said…
You are definitely a determined athlete.
Hshawjr207 said…
Thank you for the compliment. I try and it is something I enjoy.