A Nice Day for an Easy 10K - RunLog 3-28-2020

This morning I got to wear shorts, with just a short sleeve tech t-shirt and a long-sleeve tech shirt. Although the first couple of miles that light winter hat and running gloves were nice when running back against that north wind. After that, I deposited the gloves on the side of the road by the house and took the hat off at 5.0 miles. It was just kind of nice to not bundle up to get out of the house for a run.

The sun was out and temps were in the mid '40s - I really wish that I could have run into Augusta this morning, it would have been just about perfect. Instead, I got to do laps out in front of the house. While I might whine a little bit, I am not complaining. At least I am outside running and getting lots of fresh air and not having to see too many people out and about. Although with the nicer weather, more people are getting outside up on our little hill.

I didn't bother to look at my watch when it beeped the mile splits and just ran according to how I was feeling. The multiple turns do slow you down a little, but at this point, it is not about speed it is all about doing the work, keeping myself in shape/healthy and enjoying my running. Which I did today.


  • 1 - 9:18
  • 2 - 9:07
  • 3 - 9:12
  • 4 - 8:56
  • 5 - 8:55
  • 6 - 8:32
  • .2 - 8:10

Nothing overly thrilling or hard, just comfortable running.

Although while doing my cool-down walk around the circle, I have to admit that it was kind of cool when the neighbor's Boston Terrier came out and gave my legs a quick bath. We talked for a while and they seemed to be in good spirits, but the dog didn't want to go back and I had to push it away so it would go home. I don't think they would have been too appreciative of me wandering off with the dog.

I did run in the Bondi 5s and they did just fine. I might even attempt to run without the little toe spreader on my right foot next time to see how they do.

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