Early Mud Season, Treadmill Time - 3-4-2020

Holy wind tunnel Batman!!! Yeah, it was slightly windy outside today, gusts got up in the 40-50 mph range more than a couple of times if the freight train sound that we heard while walking the dogs this morning was any indication.

However, between the sun, the wind and the 40*F temps, the snow was melting pretty hard over the course of the day. Enough so that I had created my Spring drainage system in the drive the earliest I have ever done it. 

In other words, the mud season is early.

I did go to Charlie's to get the first of many complimentary car washes. The Ridgeline was definitely in need of a bath and the weather cooperated, along with only five vehicles ahead of me in the line there. By the time it was my turn there were 10-11 vehicles waiting in line behind me. I got there just in time.

Working Out

.9 Still pretty warm at 36*F when we went out the door, Bennie still barks and lunges at almost all the traffic going by, something that we have tried for the almost 10 years we have had him to break him of and he still does it.


Chi Running Warm-up
50 Squats
30 Pushups
2x10 Pigeon Hip Extension
2 x10 Twisted Warrior
2x20 Balance work each leg
2x10 Fire Hydrants
0.30 walk @ 3.8 mph

PF Treadmill | 4.0/33:33/8:23 Just one of those runs where I just put the miles in and did an easy progression run
2.0 @ 7.0 mph
1.0 @ 7.1 mph
.25 @ 7.2 mph
.25 @ 7.3 mph
.25 @ 7.4 mph
.25 @ 7.5 mph

New Balance Beacon v1 - Felt good and did everything I wanted - I forgot that I had them on

0.30 @ 3.5 mph

1.1 Hunter wanted to walk around the Circle then Bennie and I walked to the top of the hill
1.0 - Walked with Mary to Top of the Hill

Finished the book Fires of the Dead

Stoic Writing Prompt


Self-imposed obligations to do things that we really would rather not perform are often too plenty in all of our lives. Since I have retired the games and obligations that I have to play have been reduced considerably and I am freer to do things that I choose than many people. 

Even so, I am not free of all obligations and while most of them are necessary to have a successful family life or harmony in the household, some I do wonder about at times and if situations were different if I would be as giving of my time to those obligations. 

However, there is always the give and take when it comes to obligations. While some are better than others and others more onerous, in reality, no one is free of them all and it comes down to which obligation you choose to honor that make you the person that you are.

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