My Pandemic Journal - 3-23-2020

This is my personal journal regarding my thoughts during this troubled time. It is stuff I need to get out of my head and probably is not the same things that you are thinking, so if you don't want to read them that is cool if you do that is cool too. If you decide to comment please keep your comments civil and appropriate, otherwise, I just delete them without publishing.

The Good? 

We are healthy and where we live the pandemic seems like a million miles away. Which does give us a false sense of security at times, but also allows us to still live more of a normal life than many people are able to do at this time.

 The Bad? 

SD2's dog Hunter is still not eating and is getting closer to crossing the rainbow bridge. We are all hoping for improvement after taking him to the Vet yesterday, but if he does not start eating soon, the decision we all dread will have to be made. Dogs do until they can't and then it is time to think about their needs, not our needs to keep them with us.

 The WTFO were they thinking? 

I purposely don't write too much about politics or other controversial subjects very often. I am one of those damned moderates who has zero party loyalty and actually looks at the issues and listens/reads/watches what the politicians are saying and doing versus what others tell me they are doing or watching sound bites which can misleading. After yesterday I had to process the President's press conference overnight before I could write my daily Pandemic journal entry for 3/24/2020.

Yesterday's daily Presidential Coronavirus news conference was painful to watch. Especially, his comments on what he might do after the 15 days are over, I gotta admit scares the shit out of me. I have to ask if he was just raising a balloon to see what the public's response would be or is he seriously thinking about letting Natural Selection decide who lives and dies while attempting to re-start the economy that is currently in recession and heading quickly towards a depression.

Especially, since there is a small part of the population that whole-heartedly seems to agree with this idea.

Scary indeed.

First, I was wondering how long Dr. Fauci would last since he upstaged and disagreed publicly with the President. Not a good thing to do generally and worse with this particular one. I have a feeling we will not be seeing very much of the good Doctor as long as he remains a government employee. I imagine that the muzzle has been put on and he is persona non grata around the Whitehouse based on some of the comments in that press conference.

I don't know why but some people seem to underestimate President Trump's choice of words, obvious lies and who they are designed for.

The President has chosen to call himself a wartime President for reasons that will become evident. He knows sacrifices will be made by the people more willingly during wartime and that there are going to be casualties. People will get sick and many will die in the war on the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and in his eyes, this has become a major economic war that will decide what his legacy and whether he will remain President in the elections to come. Therefore if some must die or be sick to salvage the economy and his Presidency that is the sacrifice this wartime President will ask of the Nation or least it seems that is the direction we are heading.

Then the question becomes:

who decides who will get medical care,
will there be party loyalty tests applied to who will be treated
of course the rich or powerful will have separate criteria for treatment
how many casualties will be acceptable
how many many will die, 1% = 660,00, will it be a million, 2 million.
and so many other questions

The projections by experts regarding the pandemic are not rosy as it is while attempting to flatten the curve and we have not even got to the top of the first wave of Covid-19 casualties. There will probably be more than one wave of casualties.

What happens to those numbers if suddenly stop what we are currently doing to flatten the curve and go to pursuing herd immunity? It might shorten the pandemic's overall length, however, there is little doubt that it will also overwhelm the American medical systems' ability to manage care for all medical problems, not just the Covid-19 virus.

As a result, more people will die, I do not believe that is in question.

Is this the best way forward during this pandemic?

The medical experts don't seem to believe that this is the best way forward, they are completely against allowing the pandemic to run its course and allow the Country to achieve herd immunity by sacrificing a certain number of our citizens, whether they be young, old or whatever.

Mother Nature is a great believer in Natural Selection and does not have any pity for the weak, the compromised, the old or no longer productive and lives by the adage that only the strong survive. Is that direction that we want to go as a society?

If it is the direction that America chooses to go, history does have several examples of what happens when we live by that philosophy. It is not always pretty and the ones who believe they would be in control were often surprised at the outcomes.

The reality is that

I know that my thoughts do not mean a rat's ass to anyone but me and maybe a few family members, but the more I read and see from the Covid-19 coverage, that is beyond the stuff that the media, social media and government filter, I and it seems many others tend to believe resuming life after the President's 15 days would result in a much higher death toll than if we continue to work on flattening the curve.

We have to decide if the cure is worse than the problem and I am going to defer to the experts who know a lot more about pandemics than I do. Dr. Fauci your voice of reason will be missed I have a feeling and your honesty was your downfall in an era of post-truth politics.

I do not underestimate President Trump's intelligence, showmanship or ability to mobilize his base, or add to it as people want nothing but going back to how things were just a month ago. However, when I hear him and others speak at these press conferences, it is more about him and stroking his ego, than what might be best for the entire Country - not just a certain demographics.

We need now is for the President to put the Country first and foremost and to lead us through this dark time by bringing us together, not tearing us further apart. If he can do that, then he will survive politically, if he continues to create winners and losers in an effort to divide us as a nation and play to his or increase his base, the pandemic will bring down his hopes for re-election.

I guess it comes down to what kind of society we choose to be in the future.

That is the question isn't it?

We do live in "interesting" times - don't we.

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Stay calm, carry on being isolated and hope and pray for the best:)
Kay said…
Of course, I agree with you 100%, Harold. I don't think some people are understanding why the Democrats in government are working to control what the Republicans are trying to do. Republican senators are trying to push through more funding for businesses without controls on what they can use it for. They have not learned what happened during the last cash bail-out when monies went to investors, executives, etc. Or maybe they have.

As for Dr. Fauci, we're in trouble if we get more Yes-men in the administration.
Hshawjr207 said…
There will be a deal, but the powers that be do need to have safeguards about how the money that the government gives to corporations is used. That is a huge lessons learned from the last bailout.