My Pandemic Journal - 3-21-2020

1. What was the most important thing that you did today? 2. What else did you do today?

The most important thing I did today was get up and get moving. Running is a good outlet, but when the wind is blowing and the temps are in the feel like its in the '20s being outside just is not pleasurable, to say the least. However, at least I am able to get outside, so I really can't complain all that much and will get outside every day that I can, no matter what the weather is doing.

I also noticed that I get pretty defensive about who goes in our driveway now. A strange car with Virginia plates came out of the driveway while I was finishing up a lap out front. SD2 said he had been up there and put something on the steps. It turned out to be political propaganda from Congressman wannabe Eric Brakey. Needless to say, I will not be voting for him and the Wife said that she had read in the paper where other candidates and people were complaining about him doing this stuff. He is still doing it and needs to stop. Going to people's homes and leaving campaign propaganda on their doorsteps is not a great way to influence potential constituents.

Bennie and I walked down-back before the mud turned to oozy slime and even though it was cold and windy in the afternoon, we watched a lot of the neighborhood out walking their dogs. Then at the usual time in the afternoon, we joined them. There 2 other dogs out being walked when Bennie and I went out the door, so we dwaddled behind them to let them get ahead of us. Bennie acts like a conehead around other dogs.

It turns out that one of the dogs was Hazel and that Diane was walking her. We tried to introduce them, but Bennie being Bennie got about 4 feet away from her and went into ridgeback mode and started growling and barking. He has a really bad case of small dog's disease and I just pulled him around Diane and Hazel, kind joked about it for a second went about our way. Too bad, because we have to walk by Hazel most days to get down back and it would have been nice to have them learn to get along a little better.

Hunter - SD2's 15+-year-old dog is not doing really well lately and slowly walked over to the house yesterday afternoon to get an ear rub from me. So, of course, I went out and gave both ears a good rubbing and stuff. I am hopeful that he can recover a little bit and do better for a while longer. He is a good dog, but one that has his issues.

After a nice supper, we did get to sit down and relax for a while and I even pulled up my old Neverwinter Nights game and played that for a couple of hours. I had to restart the game because I decided to play a different character, but that is part of the fun of computer RPG games you can start over and it feels different based on the character you are playing and the responses you get to make.

Overall, it was a good day and just another one to get through. Although the numbers of confirmed cases of the Covid-19 virus are increasing, the actual number of infected people I am sure is, even more, it is just that no one really knows what is going on because testing is so limited. Sometimes I wonder if the limited testing is being done on purpose by leadership to keep the numbers lower. Although it really doesn't matter in the long because we will all be exposed at some point and most of us will have the virus.

All we can hope for is that our cases are of a mild variety and do not require hospitalization, which they claim will be the case for most of us. I am not being a negative Nellie, I am just being realistic and looking at what I can control more and more to keep myself as positive about things as possible.

Here is to keeping healthy and being kind to one another.

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