Prudence Is Not A Bad Thing

Okay, I am not an enemy of the state, fear-monger or any of those other things that people are calling others who are prudently preparing for some disruptions in their lives at some point over the next couple of months. I am simply an old retired Coast Guard Warrant Officer who has seen what happens when people are not prudently prepared for things, with no other claims of expertise in anything.

As far as how serious this disruption will be - nobody really knows, it could be a mild one or it could get crazy bad like in Italy right now. All I know is that this Administration does not have a lot of credibility with me after so many lies in the past and decidedly confused response to date with Covid-19. However, the creditability of the storm-crow news media is not much better and their catastrophic cries to grab our attention do not give me a lot of warm fuzzy feelings about their coverage of this outbreak either.

Where is the truth, probably somewhere in between the two extremes, which still means that it probably ain't gonna be pretty. Especially, since I do take America's CDC warnings seriously when they tend to contradict the many talking points that the administration and President have been providing, which in and of itself is concerning.

We have been doing many of their recommendations before they started to recommend doing them. I have a little experience in emergency preparedness and in situations like this take the time to look beyond the headlines and hype to do what I think should be done - those prudent things. You can read more about the CDC recommendations at this link, even though our area does not have any active cases at this time.

The fact is that the Covid-19, Corona Virus or whatever name you prefer to use is probably going to impact the majority of people in the United States. This also means that the supply chains within America at some point are going to be impacted. With the present focus on maximizing profits by minimizing inventory and personal wherever possible it is one of those things that happen when "stuff" happens.

If we are told that we have to stay at home to self-quarantine and if the shelves of the local stores are emptier than we would like, it will disrupt our lives considerably if we have not been prudent.

Looking at how China, South Korea, and Italy were impacted by the virus and how other Countries are preparing I just tend to believe it is prudent that we do get ready for minor to major disruptions in the way we go about our daily lives.

What We Are Doing

We are classified in the higher risk category, we are both over 60, but luckily mostly in good health, although we do both have other risk factors as well. While we expect at some point to be exposed to it we are not getting all panicked over the Covid-19 virus, but we are:

Limiting our exposure to other people by only going to places we need to go and then taking precautions to wipe down carts with the conveniently provided cleaning supplies and attempting to not get too close to other customers, especially those who do not look well or are actively hacking and coughing. Yeah, they might just have a cold, smokers cough or allergies, but why take the chance. We are not social butterflies so this really is all that much different our usual life - no big deal there.

I've stopped going to the gym, which is a hotbed of germs, viruses and other gunk in the best of times, so it would be no different now. A pain in the butt, something I would do in a bad flu outbreak.

Picking up a few extra things that will be in short supply, that is just common sense. We do it before a big storm, so why wouldn't we do it now. You can pick on me all you want about grabbing extra toilet paper, but going out and using leaves or grass to wipe in the back yard or washing out a cloth after, doesn't really trip my trigger and won't help out how my rumpus maximus will feel after I get done and the wife would be even less thrilled I am sure. I will keep a few extra rolls of TP in the house - thank you.

I am not going to register for any races or plan on attending any races until this all blows over and group runs, which I had planned on starting to attend...well I think that I will wait a while to see what happens.

These along with a few other things we are doing will hopefully help us to ride out the storm and come out to the other side relatively unscathed.

Another part that concerns me is the 3% kill rate that has been publicized and that another 3% will be seriously ill and be hospitalized, but will eventually recover.

The more people that get infected also means that more people will die. That is just the numbers game. So it behooves all of us to keep the numbers as low as possible so that many more of our friends and relatives will not be one of the numbers. Unfortunately, I can also see all of the numbers of infected, seriously ill and dead getting higher in the coming weeks.

So there is a need for prudence.

The reality is that

Right now it is more the unknown than anything else.

We really do not know what the impact of what the Covid-19 virus will bring to our home and how bad it will be. I do know that we worry about how our immune systems will react to the virus and how sick it will make us if we do get it.

I would like to think we all do more than we want to admit.

However, this virus does not care about your nationality, color, whether we are republican or democrat, your religion, sexual preferences, gender or any of the other things that split us apart. It is time to put aside partisan issues and work together towards getting through what the next few months will bring our way.

Especially, if things start to go sideways.

Unfortunately, starting at the top in our Country, it doesn't seem like that is the course, they or many others are taking. The name-calling, ranting, and misinformation have not slackened if anything they are gaining steam. The games of power will continue, they always seem to.


Hopefully, you all will be reading my blathering on about many things in the weeks and months to come and I hope that all of us successfully navigate our way through the Covid-19 outbreak that is happening around us.

I just have a feeling that disruptions will happen and that life will take a bit of time before things get back to the way they were before the Covid-19 virus came into our lives.

You can bury your head in the sand or be prudent, that is your choice. Me and mine, we are going to be prudent.

May we all live long and prosper.

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.


CheerfulMonk said…

"However, the creditability of the storm-crow news media is not much better and their catastrophic cries to grab our attention do not give me a lot of warm fuzzy feelings about their coverage of this outbreak either."

What papers are you reading? The ones I read have been urging us to be prudent, to slow down the spread of the virus so our health system isn't overwhelmed. Sounds sensible to me. I've still been going to the Y every other day, during times when it isn't busy.
CheerfulMonk said…
Do you think this article is too sensational? I don't.
Hshawjr207 said…
No, I don't either, but I have family and friends who do and that particular comment was directed at them. I tend to believe that the news media's coverage of the Corona virus outbreaks has been rather measured and less sensationalized than it could be. I do believe that President has not been helpful and his administration instead of being proactive has been reactive to the needs of business and the stock market versus the needs of the people. Re-election is more important than lives. Which I find sad. Unfortunately, the Corona Virus is not fake news, it is here and needs to be taken very seriously.
Andy said…
We are being prudent also. A few extra jars of pasta sauce and stuff like that.
The media is loving this as people are hungry for news or "news." It's crucial to separate fact from opinion and not get to crazy or nervous until you know you are dealing with facts.