Talkative, Treadmilling Again and Laughing - 3-5-2020

I worked out and kept moving a lot today, but I talked with a lot more people than I usually do. The day started out chilly and the winds were still whipping around pretty good.

However, while at the gym it seemed like I had to stop and talk more once I got the running done and was trying to do my weights workout or get out the door. I got to talk with Jon, his knee is worse (after his fall on the Rail Trail last week) and from over-compensating, for that, his other one is bothering now, so he is worried about how it is going to turn out. He will probably make Dr. appointment next week to get things checked out. George E. a neighbor who has a property by us asked me to give him a call if we ever lose power. He recently installed an auto-start generator at his empty palace and wants to know if it works or not. Then Frank showed up and asked about the leg and we talked about why he cut his Florida trip short.

This is a lot of socializing for me in a very short period of time. I have grown used to not doing more than waving or saying high to people most of the time, so this was a bit of a change for me. Not a bad thing, but definitely different.

Working Out

.9 - First Bennie walk. Brrr it is still very breezy at about 15 mph and under freezing temps, makes for a chilly walk, but the driveway is not mud right now, it re-froze over during the night.

1.6 Walked just past Blake with Hunter. It was still frozen over, so it wasn't too bad, but by the afternoon, it would probably become impassable.


Planned: Something between 5-6 miles on the treadmill
Chi Running Warm-up
0.30 walk @ 3.8 mph

PF Treadmill | 5.0/43:47/8:45 | I set the treadmill to 6.8 mph and except for a b/r break at 2.0 miles that is where I kept it. Not really anything special or significant about the run. Other than I got the run done. The left leg is still about 80%, but is slowly feeling a little more tolerant of the treadmill and the sameness of the stride than it was.

ASICS GlideRide - The bottom of my feet are still breaking in the shoes, otherwise they are doing great.

Post Run
0.30 @ 3.5 mph
2x20 @140 Calf Raises - Incline Press
3 x 10 @140 Leg Press - Incline Press
3 x 10 @ 50 Machine Seated Hamstring Curl
3 x 10 @ 70 Machine Leg Extension
3 x 10 @ 70 Machine Glute Extension
3 x 10 @ 135 Machine Abductor
3 x 10 @ 135 Machine Adductor

The body was pretty well toasted by the time I got through with the workout. I did try the seated hamstring curl at 70 lbs, but after 5 reps decided that was not a great idea and lowered it back down to 50 lbs, which seemed to be more reasonable for now.

After I got home, I checked the mail and noticed that I had a package. It was a pair of used Brooks Launch 7s that an Internet friend promised he would send me after winning the drawing for entering an Olympic Marathon Trials prediction contest. I tied with 9 other people and got lucky on the random number selection. It was original for a pair of sunglasses, (which I gave to SD1, because I need glasses really bad and non-prescription lenses don't help. :-) 

The reviews for the Launch 7s are not great, but they feel comfortable to walk around in, but the colorway is pretty boring, but sometimes you get a huge surprise out of pair of shoes, so I am hoping that is the case here. They don't show hardly any wear at all, so that is a good thing. We will see how they work, but while I liked the original Launch and didn't like V4, it will be interesting to see how they do work out for me.

.9 With Bennie and Hunter. It is pretty amazing how good the dog's sniffers are, I had put some beef jerky in my pocket to eat on the way to the gym earlier and forgot a piece. While we were walking, I had put my gloved hand in that pocked and pulled it out. Then Bennie went into super Bennie mode (Jack Russell bouncing around), acting like I had something for him. He kept doing this and going after my hand. When I put my hand back in my pocket I felt the piece of Jerky, of course, he got a small piece and so did Hunter. After that, they kept a close eye on whenever I put my hand in my pocket and got closer to make sure that I didn't have anything. Silly dogs and yes, we laughed quite a bit about that one.

1.0 - Walk by myself, Mary had Hunter duty, while SD1 shopped.

Stoic Daily Prompt


What is important in your life, the material things that we have to show how successful we are to others, the big house, fancy cars, name brand this or that you have to have? 

Are those the things you want to trade your life for and if you do what do you have when you come to the end of your life. More stuff.

None of us get out of this life alive and none of us take our possessions with us despite what some want to believe. The things we found to be important are usually thrown out, given away or sold off to the highest bidder or person who gives the heirs the money the quickest most of the time. 

When buying something are we looking at what we really need or what the marketers have made desirable to us. It seems lately that the marketers are doing to great a job and pushing all the right buttons to make consumers, over-consume. 

Even though I do buy stuff I attempt to research what it is that I actually need versus what someone else believes that I should want. There is a big difference. 

When I bought our new truck, it was not about who made it or how great this is going to be. The things that mattered most were I went into to the search knowing this would probably be my last truck, This was not an impulse buy, I knew exactly what I was going to use a new truck for and what I would not be using it for. Knowing these things changed the selection criteria from the typical stereotypical truck to something that would meet our needs for the next 8-10 years. 

Now if I could get the same level with my running shoe addiction all would be good in my world, well at least the wife would be happier. :-) We all have our vices and make choices in our lives to make them important or not, for me my running shoe addiction is mostly harmless, I know that I do not need to have so many and could stop the madness very quickly if I wanted to. However, I do have to admit that I enjoy the challenges of figuring out how a running shoe works or doesn't work for me and see what the newish (since I usually get older models, not the newest stuff) technologies are like. 

The same thing with some computer and phone stuff sometimes. Otherwise, I am pretty frugal with the things that I have.

Yeah, a pretty good day.

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joeh said…
Been a while since I ran at 6.8. A fast walk and occasional jog on the machine is my speed. 2-3 miles in 40 minutes, but then I'm not planning on any marathons. Any movement is better than none.
CheerfulMonk said…
"What is important in your life, the material things that we have to show how successful we are to others, the big house, fancy cars, name brand this or that you have to have?"

No, never been interested, and I was attracted to Andy because he wasn't either. I wanted the freedom to use my time on things that interested me, and material things would have gotten in my way.
Andy said…
My car is 16 years old and I'm thinking that my next car will be my last also.
As such, I'm going to take my time and buy what I want. I just did a $450 repair so my car will pass inspection in April.
If it had turned out to be a $2K repair I would have been off to the dealership. I did the repair this soon just in case I did need time to do a smart car buy.
Haddock said…
Making the consumers over-consume seems to be the order of the day.