A Bit Windy and Getting My Running Shoe Rotation Figured Out - April 21, 2020

The Good? 

I got out and ran again today (before the rains came), which gives me 10 in a row. I usually prefer to have a day off here or there, but I might see how long I can get this one going, as long as I am feeling pretty good. Just gonna go by feel and if I feel like I really need a day off, it will happen.

This morning's run was another of those regression things when I started faster and then slowed down each mile. 

1 - 8:32 / I started out pretty much downhill and with the wind at my back, so things felt pretty easy
2 - 8:55 / The dirt road (avoiding the mud puddles/areas) and hill by the Town Office slowed me down a bit, plus the breeze coming in off my right shoulder did get me a bit once I got past the old Cranberry Bog.
3 - 9:10 / Slowing down and fighting the breeze
4 - 9:44 / Coming back up Stevens Hill and the breeze did really slow me down

However, if you look at the GAP scale on Strava everything was between 8:58 to 9:05, so the effort levels were pretty consistent. 

I might have figured out part of the problem with my New Balance Propels and how their ankle wells were bothering to the point of creating hotspots for me. I took out the fairly thin insole and put in a much thicker one. This raised up my ankles just enough that at no point during the run did I feel any hotspots. It did change the Propels (which are already a pretty soft shoe), to be even softer, so I will see how that part of it goes, but it didn't bother on the run today. However, a true test will be when I go ahead and use them for a little longer run on tar to see how the extra cushioning affects how the work for me.

The Bad? 

The wind, it has not stopped blowing or so it seems this Spring, nothing I can do about it but whine, so I whine about it.

I wasn't all that thrilled with the Clifton 6s and after walking in them this morning, they have been relegated to the back of the garage and will go away whenever we are allowed to donate goods again. Which meant even though I might have figured out the issue with the Propels that I probably needed to find another pair of daily trainers to add into the rotation for May. So I thought about shoes that have worked for me in the past and it finally came down to a pair of Mizuno Catalyst 2s that seemed to be the ones that I would want to add in at a cheap price. However, when I hit the order button, it told me my account was locked. 

Oh Yeah, then I remembered that I had closed my eBay account about three weeks ago and it was going through the waiting period to close. No, I did not go in and restore the account, I find that I buy too many shoes that really do not work for me because of the cheaper prices that I usually find there. Then I have yet another pair of running shoes I paid for that end up out in the give-away pile. When I look back through all the shoes that I have bought through eBay there have only been a couple of shoes that I have used for more than 100 miles. There were far too many impulse buys of running shoes that I wanted to try, shouldn't have bought. This account needed to go away and it will force me to be a LOT more selective on the running shoes that I do buy.

Speaking of great deals. Last week, I found a spectacular deal on a pair of running shoes that I really wanted to try, but not at full retail price and ordered them. Yesterday, I found out that my order had been cancelled due to them being out of stock. Which kind of sucked, but not a big deal and I moved on. However, after attempting the order through eBay and figuring things out, I wandered over to one of my Facebook groups and low and behold the same shoes were on sale at Running Warehouse and after figuring everything out, it was only $10 more than the other phenomenal price. 

Unfortunately, they were not the daily trainers I was looking at.

What Was I Thinking? 

Yeah, I know. I couldn't resist, I have also been sort of looking for a pair of "go faster" shoes to complement my New Balance 1400 v6 for when I do actually start running faster again. Especially, since my Nike Zoom Fly SPs felt a little funky when I had them out a couple of weeks ago and need to be retired. So I ordered the Skechers Razor 3s in bright red and will be seeing how they do. I have read lots of good reviews on the shoes and am looking forward to finding out if they will work for me or not.

Today's run was one of those that you go, I am glad it was over. The temps were not bad, but I am not a huge fan of running in the wind and when the wind is in your face going uphill, it just makes it that much more of a pain. It was a pretty good run and hopefully, I have found out the secret formula to getting the Propels to work for me. As it was before, I could not comfortably run in them, now we will see how they do with extra cushioning.

If everything works out decently my new running shoe rotation should look a lot like this:

ASICS Glide Ride - Primary daily trainer
New Balance Beacon v1 - Tempo and for when I want to go a little faster on a run
New Balance Propel - Recovery runs and easy runs when I am not using the GlideRides
Skechers Razor 3 - If things work out my primary go faster shoes
New Balance 1400 v6 - Bad weather go faster shoes and for days when I want something different on tempo or hard workouts and maybe even for groomed trail racing.

Not a bad day, but when the rains got it put a kibosh on other plans I had for working in the yard.

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