First Run Skechers Razor 3 - RunLog April 28, 2020

The Good? 

I ran for the first time in my new Skechers Razor 3s, which I purchased from Running Warehouse at a phenomenal price. Yes, I love this colorway!!! It ain't boring.

The Razor 3 felt good enough wearing them around the house this morning that I decided to do my Shoe Test Course as my first run in them. This is not something that I usually do for the first run in a pair of shoes.

My test course is a tough (for me) out and back where I go down a steep hill, then it continues to gently slope downhill until I get to the end of the tar on Pepin Road and then I have to come back up the hill. Then once I crest the hill it just under a mile left to finish the course. Today I added on a mile of the dirt road down back because the Razor 3s felt so awesome and I wanted to see how they did on the dirt too. Basically, I threw everything I typically run at them on the first run.

The other thing is that I have been purposely limiting my effort levels to comfortably hard and not getting too carried away with running fast. On today's run I did pick up the pace, but the effort level was not as hard as I would run if I was running in a 5K race.

Just a few bumps (hills) along the way, but the Razor 3s did everything I wanted. They love to go fast as evidenced by the first 2.0 miles and I tied my best Pepin Road segment time according to Strava, without trying and being bundled up - I set this segment record (for me) back in July 2018, so the weather was a lot better, I was trying to run fast that day and today I had my winter gear on and wasn't trying too hard to go fast. Yeah, the shoes do make a difference.

After 2.0 miles I purposely slowed down and didn't push too hard. I wanted to see how the Razor 3s did at slower speeds - no issues and even better they did great on the fairly dry dirt road down back. They were nimble and even though the legs were tired from the Pepin Test Course, I did not have problems picking up my feet to avoid puddles, rocks, or muddy patches. Although I wouldn't take them down there on a rainy day or do anything tougher than a dry groomed trail in Razor 3s, the outsole is just designed for road conditions.

Yeah, being light like sub 6.0 ounces in a size 8.0 and still having a cushioned feeling, was simply amazing to me.

The Bad? 

These are racing flats and I am fairly certain that I could without too many issues use them as a daily trainer, if I wasn't afraid of killing my legs, because I would never want to run that slowly in the Razor 3s. I have a feeling that once or twice a week will be plenty.

I am not a real fan of the laces or tongue, because I could feel a little lace bite to get a good locked down feeling, but with racing flats, you expect a thin tongue and some bite, so this is not unexpected. I might look at some other laces though, just to try them out.

What Was I Thinking? 

The Razor 3s did something that I haven't done before, equaling a well-established segment-best on my first run in the shoes without actively chasing that segment. Then my wanting to run further in them just to check out how they performed on a different terrain than what they were made for.

Needless to say, the Razor 3s provided me with a pretty good first impression. Now to get some more miles on them and see how I feel about them down the road.

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joeh said…
If I decide to run a 5K, I might purchase a pair of these...Hahahahaha! Good for you though, just don't overdo, that is a big danger to running.
Hshawjr207 said…
Hehehe overdoing and running = never happens. Joe you are correct that is the big danger in running and my running especially! I am a walking injury list because I tend to think I am 30 years younger than I am some days when I am out running, especially when I am in a race and usually end up with yet another injury and more down-time. ;-)