Great Regression Run - RunLog April 20, 2020

The Good? 

I wanted to get some good miles on the legs and not feel completely trashed after I got done. In other words a fairly easy run with a couple of pushes here and there. Mission accomplished. I ran around the Middle Road Loop, slowed down on each split, well the last one I might have been a little quicker, but the effort was not all that much harder.

Mile Splits

1 - 8:37
2 - 8:42
3 - 9:12
4 - 9:38
5 - 10:25
6 - 9:09

The dirt road down-back is getting better, so that is a very good thing and allows me a few more choices on running routes, other than doing laps in front of the house.

The Bad?

Ooops that 5th split my mind got to wandering off into the lands of darkness, i.e. politics and by the time I got back to focusing on my running, I was already up to SD2's house, which is really close to mile 5.0. Not really a biggie, but it shows how much thinking about politics in today's world distracts me. 

The St. Bernard who is no longer a puppy was out down by the corner and the owner was on the phone. I crossed to the other side of the street and as the dog lunged and barked/growled at me, the owner had to hold on with both hands, while cradling the phone on her neck and yelling at the dog to stop. I waved, kept running and did not look back to acknowledge the glare that I knew was being directed my way - we have had words in the past about her damn dog. Although I did keep a close listen out for a big f*&king dog running after me.

Plus this course is not the easiest course that I get to do, so I usually do slow down by the time I finish mile 4.0, the hills, dirt road and me being spleeny about my hamstrings on those hills - right now I don't really worry about it.

What was I thinking?

I wore the Beacon V1s and really, really enjoyed running in them. They just fit my feet well and I know that I can run just about any run that I do in them...well except when I run long runs, my feet tend to bother once I get to double-digit distances in the Beacon line. So a 5-8 mile run is a great thing in the Beacons.

Now I just have to turn-off that political lizard brain crap and not let it bother me as much. After all, there is not a damn thing I can do about any of that crap that happens. So I just need to let it go, support my candidates, vote when I am supposed and hope that things work out for us.

Although I did go through the people I follow on Twitter and got rid of around 150 people/organizations - mostly political stuff and my timeline is a LOT saner than it was.

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