If Today Was Your Last Day

I was listening to one of my playlists last night and the song If Today Was Your Last Day by Nickelback came on and got me to thinking just a bit.

I think that with the Coronavirus Pandemic that is swirling in the headlines and as cases have gotten or are getting closer to our own little lives that is a question that many more of us of all ages are asking of ourselves more often. I know that as I have gotten older and passed that magical 60th birthday, it was a question that I did ask myself more often even before now and with the pandemic, it is one that is much more pertinent and real than it ever has been to me.

I fully plan to live to a ripe old age, but...well right now nobody really knows what will happen. Even so, I will not go without a fight and I imagine that many of us out here are thinking the same way.

Dying is not something that most people do not like to think about and definitely not talk about all that often. It is just too scary to think about, but with the death totals climbing and people becoming sick around us it is becoming a topic more and more are opening up about at the oddest times. 

So if I knew today was my last day what would I do?

I hope that I would continue to be me, yes I would be scared, but I learned a lot about dying from my Father last October and his role modeling is something that I would like to believe is what I would attempt to copy and go with dignity the knowledge that I leave behind a life well-lived.

Although I am like all of humankind who has wondered over the millennia, what happens after we die? 

If today was your last day - What would you do?

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Unknown said…
That's a good song. Everything happening now does get one to thinking. I think that most of us will make it through the pandemic with our health intact. Of course, I feel terrible about all the lives lost and threatened right now, and the danger that the virus poses long-term is not easy to live with. But I think that it's important to realize that taking the right steps (staying home, practice hygiene) is what will keep us safe, and we just have to be patient. It's hard to do, and of course the fear is that this will get worse before it gets better. But I know we have to remain optimistic that it will get better.
If today was my last day (which would be interesting, since tomorrow is my birthday), I would write a mail to all my friends and extended family thanking them for the role they've played in my life and the times we had together. Then I would make sure the most basic stuff is taken care of for arrangements for my person and belongings. Then I'd go for a run (hurt foot be damned... it wouldn't matter after today anyway). Facetime with my brother. And then I'd spend the normal Saturday evening with my parents (it's lucky that I happen to be home right now), probably end up talking into the night with my mother... Is that too simple?
I don't know. I guess one can't really know.
Hshawjr207 said…
That is why I wrote the post :-) I believe that most of us will survive and our lives will be different after the pandemic is over. Major life upheavals such as this mean that things will change, some changes will be for the better and others not so much. It will be interesting to see which direction the world and the U.S. does take. Did we learn lessons or does the slippery slope get slipperier? We will find out, but unfortunately, there will be too many who will not be here when the pandemic runs its course.
CheerfulMonk said…
I would write a goodbye post and speed up getting my papers in order to make it easier for Kaitlin, then I would continue doing what I'm doing. The question is a well-known values clarification one that I dealt with years ago. I'm 80 and Andy 85, so there's a good chance that the virus will get us. We're being good citizens and taking reasonable precautions, but we're not wasting any time worrying about it.