Longer Run, Gardening and Walmart - RunLog April 30, 2020

The Good? 

It had been a crazy morning already, a quick trip into town to pick up our Walmart curbside order. So far the experience has been great and we have been VERY impressed with both what is available and how good the service has been. However, it is still a trip outside of the house and off the little hill community that we live in, which in this time of uncertainty is a bit stressful. 

We made it back home without incident and then I took Bean for his long walk.

Sometimes you just have to try and see what happens. While walking with Bennie down-back I decided that I wanted to do a longer run than usual, but I am getting tired of doing laps in front of the house or battling either Stevens or Philbrick Hills whenever I run. When my wonderful wife stopped to walk with us back up Stevens Hill, (while she was out running), I asked if she would be willing to pick me up at the end of Junction Road. She kind of hesitated because we are still officially under stay-at-home orders and we are generally law-abiding and follow the rules kind of folk and have done really great so far. I reminded her that we would be staying in Sidney and the chances of seeing anyone else on the route I planned to take would probably be slim to none. 

Plus I really wanted to see how the Skechers Razor 3s did on a longer run without having to finish uphill against the wind.

Luckily we do live in a fairly rural area and the roads I ran on were primarily secondary and tertiary roads. Other than the Middle Road, I think that I met 5 vehicles on the entire 8.0-mile run and zero people out doing anything. So my exposure to others was minuscule.

How did the run go?

It was one of my better runs this year,  8.0 miles at a sub 8:30 pace, and not feeling like I was killing myself to maintain the pace was nice. 

The Razor 3s did great through 7.0 miles, they were comfortable and had a pop that I haven't felt in shoes in a long time.

 The Bad? 

Once I got on Junction Road which is dirt I must have stepped on a rock wrong with my right foot because it began to bother during the last mile. Then again maybe it was that my feet are not used to the prolonged time going at that pace, but either way, when I got to the 8.0-mile mark it was time to stop before the foot bothered too much.

It was overcast and nasty all day. Which did seem to drain us even more than usual today, not sure why, but it just did?

Something that I have been procrastinating is the rototilling in the garden. TheWife wants to expand the garden back to where it was a few years ago, which meant reclaiming that section that I was mowing with the lawnmower last year, with the rototiller today. Not fun or easy. While our little Mantis rototiller does a great job, it is not a full-sized rototiller and to keep it in the ground (not bouncing around on hard pack or mud) requires a bit of focus and upper body strength workout. Which taxed my shoulder about as much as I would want and is a bit sore tonight, but I got through the grass, hardpack and mud. It needed to be done before the crabgrass got too long, the ground dried out and would have been even more miserable to play with later. 

So far we have the spring garden planted and some other early planting done, next week we are going to have to go to one of the local nurseries and get the rest of our planting supplies and fight the masses and shortages to see what we can get. Just so looking forward to that - can'tcha tell. ;-)

What Was I Thinking? 

I wasn't sure about how I would do on a longer run and was pleasantly surprised at being able to maintain a solid pace at a comfortably hard effort level. Nothing super fast, but a nice challenging run and learned that I probably would be able to use the Razor 3 for a half marathon, but that I need to get my body a bit more in shape and the feet toughened up a bit more. However, I am a fan of the Hyperburst midsole and will probably look closer at the Skechers GoRun Ride 8 or GoRun Forza 4 as a replacement for my ASICS GlideRides when it is time. I like the GlideRides a lot, but the price points are going to be better for the other two.

I have a feeling that gardening is going to be a big deal this summer at some point, especially if all the early openings result in a second wave of the virus wacking us around. Thankfully Mary is keen on that stuff, while I am good at busting things up and using a hoe to build rows, as long as the bad shoulder holds up.

Another day in the books and I am still as confused as ever. Who knows at some point I might figure out something, but I ain't holding my breath. :-)

All I know is that I was pretty darn glad to see Clifford coming down that road to pick me up.

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Kay said…
I'll have to show your blog to my husband who is also a runner. I haven't done the curbside pick up yet. It's in my future though.
Hshawjr207 said…
Curbside pick up is the way to go. Up here it has made the Walmart experience much better and you don't have to worry about being around the ones that make you scratch your head and go mmmm. Which is a big reason I don't like going there all that much.

Is HI allowing running outside or have they clamped down on things for the most part? We are lucky that they are allowing us to be outside for the most part up here in Maine.