Pepin Test Course and Retiring Some Favorite Shoes RunLog April 24, 2020

The Good? 

The winds died down pretty much and shorts and l/s tech shirt was the order of the morning. I gotta admit it felt pretty good to run in decent weather and not have the wind howling for a change :-).

At the last moment, I decided to get out the Nike Zoom Fly SPs, they are my favorite go faster shoes and I just needed a little quicker run than usual. Nothing super fast or too deep into the well, it was more running comfortably hard for 2.0 miles, shutting down for a bit and then working on doing a little better than usual on Philbrick Hill. Once I got over the hill, I didn't really pick it up that much, it was more just doing some steady work

1 - 7:29 / Yeah, going downhill helped quite a bit
2 - 7:27 / I worked a little more once I got on Pepin, but still nothing outlandish
3 - 9:16 / When I hit 2.0 miles I took my foot off the gas and coasted for a ways
4 - 7:55 / I didn't push and I saw a family out running/biking and doing a lot of laughing, it was nice to see them out there

 The Bad? 

Unfortunately, when I looked down at my feet to check on a niggle that was developing on my right leg, I could see my foot caving inward way too much when I was landing. After I got through running, I checked out the SPs and saw some serious creases on the inside of the midsole, which is a huge warning bell for me that the shoes are not supportive enough for my stride. That sucks, because I do l love the ride and how I seem to run faster in them than other shoes.

Coming up Philbrick Hill, I still slowed down too much for the level of effort that I was giving. Maybe I need to think about doing some hill repetitions to work on my uphill stride and strengthen the body a bit more. It is a quarter-mile from the bottom mailbox to the top of the hill mailbox, how about quarter-mile uphill repeats - YECH!!!!

What Was I Thinking? 

I have retired the Zoom Fly SPs to my shoe Hall of Fame and they will join other shoes that I really liked and don't really want to get rid of. It doesn't mean that they will be run in very often, but that I think enough of them to keep them after their running is done. Although you never know I might get a wild hair across something and bring them out of retirement to remind me why I retired them at some point.

The 32 minutes and change was a good run on the test course in great conditions. I am still not trying to dip into the well too much and being very conservative about speed work and getting too tired with everything else going on around us.

Those quarter-mile uphill repeats are going to have to be something that I work into, right now I have a feeling that they would just about kill me and I really don't need that kind of effort. So I might start with 2 telephone pole hill repeats a couple times a week and work up to being able to do the quarter-mile hill repeats sometime in June/July. Not a fun idea, I would prefer to do the downhill repeats and walk back up to the top to do it again. It certainly would be a lot easier, but what is the challenge in that. :-)

Gotta keep challenging the old body!

Although I did get the spring garden ready for Mary to plant. All rototilled, hoed and the fence repaired where the tree fell on it. Now to get the chipping done, the big garden ready, clean-up all the wind damage and widow-maker trees out back, so we can safely walk around in the woods again.

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Yeah, about how I am feeling tonight as well. :-)