Realizing I Can Only Control What I Can Control

The Good? 

As you can see I changed the theme on this heah blog. 

It wasn't that I didn't like the other one, it was more I needed to be a bit more vibrant and add some color or is that positivity into my blog. To be honest, I was getting rather...well I think a lot of us know how I am feeling. 

More than a little frustrated, doing a LOT of head-scratching, getting angry at the actions, inactions, words, images and body counts that bombard us daily. 

Most of that stuff I have zero control over, so tonight I decided to take control over what I can:

This blog - is where I express my opinions and do actually spend a lot of time. I want it to be welcoming and not boring when I get here. It might be too colorful for some of you, but I really think that right now we need a bit of zip and zing in our lives. I toned the theme down a bit from what I wanted originally, but I hope that I have done a decent balance to not overwhelm people too much. :-)

Twitter/Facebook - The great unfollowing happened tonight, I have been going through my feed and wacking anyone or anything to do with politics, pandemic or sports. 

News - Deleted my Google News app off my phone. I have decided that while of course I will stay informed and not bury my head in the sand, my aim is to limit the amount of noise about those subjects to times that I want to deal with them versus having a constant stream of information, misinformation or aimless crap that I just don't want to bother me for a while. Oh, I will still read the Central Maine Newspapers, watch the local and national news at 6:00ish so I will know what is going on, but I don't really need to watch daily press conferences or expert commentary with links that lead me down so many rabbit holes. 

Pro Sports are not happening, so they are not relevant and are just more noise in my life. When they come back, I will think about how much I missed or actually how little I am missing pro sports and how much they will be a part of my life again. I am finding it pretty amazing how much time gets wasted on following professional and collegiate sports that is freed up to do other things, that I am finding more rewarding and pertinent to my life.

The Bad? 

Information overload...I have a bit too much time on my hands and I was allowing myself to get caught up in following politics, current events, pandemic and all the other things going on in the news. 

Yeah, it was starting to get to me, so I needed to take care of my mental health and cut waaaay back on the amount of news and other information that I allow into my life on a daily or in many cases hourly basis.

 What was I thinking? 

I am thinking that I feel a little better taking control of what I can and mostly letting go of things that are beyond my current pay grade. I can't change the idiocy playing politics with people's lives that I see at various leadership levels in Federal and many State governments, along with so many other current events that are going on - as much as I may yell or holler at the TV screen or computer monitor. 

Yeah, I don't think I am alone in that sentiment.

Oh well, this is another step in trying to get away from some of the crap or at least limit it to more reasonable levels. 

I do have a feeling that I will be writing more about running or daily life and almost zero about politics or current events going forward.

All I know is that I feel a little better now than I did before I started all this stuff earlier in the evening. I guess it was a good thing.

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality. 


CheerfulMonk said…
Yep. I read about the pandemic a lot, but mostly to find out what they're learning. I focus on the sane minds, not the politicians and their spins. My daughter was in drug discovery at a big pharmaceutical company --- now she's about to start a new job with the Broad Institute, a non-profit biomedical and genomic research center. These are scary times, but also exciting from a scientific point of view.

Take care!
Hshawjr207 said…
I like knowing what is going on and what they are learning about the virus too. My scientific background isn't great (History, English teacher here), but I fly by the seat of my pants learning enough to grasp some of the concepts and why something might work and others are a waste of time. I trust the scientists, when they are not muzzled by the politicians or swayed by economic interests, but finding those sources is often difficult in the best of times. I have a few sources that I like and tend to trust more than others and have started really cutting into the chaff to get rid of the noise and propaganda being thrown about. We have to stay informed, but need the truth, not how certain people want things to be.
Unknown said…
I like the new theme a lot! As you know, I'm a huge fan of water (and sunrises/sunsets!), so this heah theme suits me just fine. Most important is how it makes you feel, though :-)

Also, I too have limited my news and information apps to half an hour a day. I figure that's enough time to get a grasp on new events of the day, and I save certain articles for reading at select times over the following days. I unfortunately don't have too much time on my hands, but free access to the information all the time was just distracting, and I needed to put a limit on myself for the mental health.