Shopping and Running Faster - April 7, 2020

The Good? 

We got up early to head to Sam's Club in Augusta for their elder hours and got there about 6:45 AM. This was the line when we got there. Over the next 15 minutes several more people showed up and more than a few didn't even bother to get in line and just drove off. When Sam's Club opened at 7:00, the line was down around the corner and almost to the Walmart turn off.

Fortunately, we were part of the first batch that got inside and headed straight for the TP, scored the one package we could get. Once we got ours there were only about 10 packages left, so we were lucky that we headed there first thing. One less thing to worry about for a few more days. The store was actually well stocked and there were only a few things that we couldn't get or substitute for. Most people did wear masks and the ones that didn't have one on looked out of place.

Then we had to scoot up to Waterville Wal Mart to get the rest of our groceries at their outside pickup. Yes, we attempted to use Augusta's, but that one filled up too quickly for us to even get in an order, so we tried up there and got in. We were the first ones there and got in and out with a minimum of delay or exposure to other people. Talking with the Associate she said that the inventories were better than they have been in a while and that they are getting things sorted out with the online ordering and pickup service. They are looking at hiring more people and doing more curbside pickup going forward. We thanked her went straight back home.

While it was a successful morning, it still was stressful. It is more the unknowns of what you will find once you get to Sam's Club and then we had not used Wal Mart's curbside service before, so getting through to putting the stuff in the van was a new adventure and one that we will use again.

Then Bennie and I took a 3.0-mile walk down-back and while it was still chilly it was still nicer than it has been. Unfortunately, he came back a mudball and I decided that I didn't really feel like running the Middle Road Loop because I didn't want to deal with the mud. Yeah, I am getting rather prissy in my dotage, but at the same time getting all muddy just isn't a thrill unless it is a trail run and that is part of the deal.

I have been doing nothing but slow and steady since I hurt my hamstring, I really didn't feel like heading down to Pepin and coming back up Philbrick Hill and driving into town just isn't an option right now, so I decided to put on my Nike Zoom Fly SPs - a pair of go-faster shoes for the first time since last year. I was a little apprehensive about how I would do in them, but I wanted to do around an 8:00 minute pace for a 5K just to see if I could and how it would feel.

I gotta admit that it felt good to run, to actually run, not just slog. Even though I am not all that fast, I love to run fast for me, it...well it makes me feel more alive and that I can still challenge myself to work a little harder means a lot to how I feel about myself.

My splits

1.0 - 8:04  I almost hit that 8.00 pace mark and probably would have if I hadn't let the wind bother me as much coming back down Philbrick.
2.0 - 8:00  Right on the button. I worked just a little harder coming back
3.0 - 7:49  I pushed just a little harder on the whole lap and felt comfortable doing it
0.1 - 6:53  Yeah, I kicked a little harder when the watch told me I had 3.0 miles done, I focused on staying controlled and maintaining good form while running a little faster. The best part was there was another gear waiting to be used at some point, so I haven't lost all my speed yet.


Overall, a really good run and I did what I wanted. To see how I felt running at an 8:00 minute pace for a 5K. I felt good and just had to focus on maintaining a faster cadence. I would put the effort level at comfortably hard and something that I could have maintained for maybe another 5K (but would have had to turn up the effort to keep it sub 8:00 on the last mile), but not any more than that.

Running in the Zoom Fly SPs did help too, they are light-weight racing shoes and I know that when I run in them that I am supposed to go faster and I usually do. That and the hamstring didn't complain too much at all while I was running faster and isn't discussing how stoopid I was this morning - tonight. So that is a very good thing.

The bad

I was awake from 2:30 AM on wondering and yes, worrying about how this morning was going to play out. I am not a big fan of being around that many other people even when there isn't a pandemic and I worry about our exposure to the COVID 19 virus when going to the store, so I was not thrilled about heading to Sam's Club - thankfully it turned out just fine.

Down back being so muddy even though we have had a bunch of nice days in a row. I guess there was a LOT of frost in the ground that should just about be out. However, it would have been nice to have run the Middle Road Loop, but I think that I needed the faster 5K more than just another slog run.

This afternoon, I had zero motivation and was zonked. The longer than usual nap helped and then talking with D2 for a while perked me up too.

The reality is that

It was a good day and I did more than I thought I did when I looked back on it. I do believe that I am pretty typical when it comes to worrying about us going out shopping and tend to stress a bit more than I should over it, but that is just a part of who I am.

I do believe that I will incorporate one day a week of faster running into my training. Not race pace stuff, just something faster than I usually do. I need the challenges and changes to my running that going faster does provide over the slower stuff that I have been doing for most of the year. I just feel better when I go faster for me.

Happy birthday Jay Brown and Ricky Oldenburg two kids I grew up with and celebrated many a birthday and spent many hours around growing up. I haven't seen either one in several years, but I still remember them and when their birthday is.

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Shopping is a nightmare. we do everything far so good:)
Andy said…
I went to the pharmacy today and wore a mask for the first time.
I had an N95 left over from a sanding project.
I felt a little ridiculous and it reduced my air intake noticeably. Not sure how clinicians where these all day.
Definitely not wearing one when I go out for a run.
I hear that your getting a bit of weather tonight.
Hshawjr207 said…
Yeah, shopping is the most stressful part of our week, but if WalMart is able to keep the curbside pickup stuff going well, then that makes it a bit easier.

Andy - I have 2 N95s from the back of the garage when I was painting my old jeep so many years ago, I saw them last summer when I was cleaning out some junk and then remembered them when everybody started getting all up in arms about wearing one. I brought them inside for when we go into town. Mary made her own and I have a choice of one with a dirt smear or a paint smear on the outside hehehe. After wearing them I hang it up outside and let the sun kill any viruses or other germs that are hanging around. They are a pain to wear though because I have to pinch the nose piece pretty tight, so that I don't fog up the glasses all the time and it gives my voice the Darth Vader effect ;-). Yeah, 3-6" of snow is forecast, we will see if we actually any or the 8-10 that I predict. I hope I am wrong.