Another Day - RunLog May 4, 2020

The Good? 

This morning on Bennie's first walk, I looked out over the valley from the top of the hill and saw the fog and flag flying. I just stood there admiring the view for a minute and then took out the camera and captured this photo. I did crop out the extraneous stuff and captured what I was looking at.

The run was just a 5.0-mile recovery run, at an easy effort down to Davis Dr. and stopping at the lower gate. I just did not feel like climbing Stevens Hill again today. It was supposed to be an easy effort and if I had run up the hill it would not have been as easy. I finished with a pretty consistent 9:20 or so pace. 

Otherwise, I spent the afternoon playing around cutting more brush that I will chip when the chipper gets repaired later this summer.

 The Bad? 

Zero motivation to run faster and the left hamstring was a little grumpy after yesterday's faster 5K. Nothing serious but I did notice it a little more than usual this morning.

Half-way down Stevens Hill

I have been piecing out an old recliner and this morning I had an extra bag I could put out, so I went ahead took a few more chunks off the chair and while putting out the new bag, I forgot one in the shed that should have gone out. My mind was a million miles away thinking about the effects of COVID-19 on our lives and how the administration keeps attempting to re-write what happened and are...well let's just stop there before I get back on my soapbox.

What Was I Thinking? 

I have a feeling that this week is going to be one of "those" weeks and a lot of stuff is going to keep popping up to surprise me. My Twitter feed is more like an accordion than anything else. One minute I am following a multitude of people and then I go in and delete/unfollow a bunch more. It just depends on my mood that day it seems. Some days I really want to hear all the news and yes, I have pundits from both sides of the spectrum, other days everyone pisses me off and I don't want to read anyone's take on what is going on. Crazy world and from where I sit a lot of misinformation is being put out there. But what do I know, I am just an old fart out in the woods who doesn't know anything anyway. ;-)

The running will get better again, but I really gotta figure out exactly what I did to that damn hamstring. It doesn't seem like much of anything is working to fix it. I am only working on 5 months of this stuff now and it is getting old, but while it is still there, it doesn't seem to stop me from running either, so I will continue to whine about it.

Spring yard work is always a pain, but it needs to be done. I poke at things for an hour or two most days and the cumulative effect does start to take place after a while. Unfortunately, I can see by the end of the week having to mow some parts of the lawn and the front 40. Always something. :-)

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