April 2020 - Staying Alive

The Good? 

I guess the title is what is important - Staying Alive

I always like the Bee Gees and this was one of my favorite songs by them.

Yeah, we started our personal staying at home orders on March 5th, so we are almost a couple of months into the COVID-19 pandemic. I could get really political, but I really attempt to keep politics off my blog, but the federal government's response to the pandemic sure as hell ain't no success story when more than 65,000 people have died in just over a month and the death toll still climbs, over a million people infected, 30,000,000 (that's right million) people at least have applied for unemployment, we have armed goons going into a State Capitol to intimidate/liberate Michigan lawmakers, and all the mixed messages of what to do next, all about a so-called Democratic "Hoax". 

Yeah, a real success story.

Oh well, let's get back off my soapbox.

Up here in Maine, the way we are more spread-out has helped flatten the curve and for the most part, people seem to be behaving themselves with the governor's stay at home order. No, it is not always easy having to stick around the neighborhood most of the time, but the alternative of contracting COVID-19 is not one that I really am all that jazzed up about doing. It is the great unknown about how each individual's body will react to this virus that I think bothers me more than anything else. I would like to think that the wife and I would be fine if we did come down with COVID-19 because we are in pretty good health for both of us being over 60, but there are no guarantees and we do really want to stick around for a while longer. No, I am not sacrificing myself to the great economic miracle as some have suggested to let natural selection run its course roughshod over everyone. I am not being selfish, just realistic, and am not quite ready to stop making the Grim Reaper chuckle. So we will continue to be prudent and limit our exposure to others outside of the house.

Yep, I have my masks and soon will start to look like Cousin It, but I haven't had long hair since high school, so maybe it will bring back a few more memories for me, but the hair is a completely different color now, it no longer has those red highlights on top of the dirty blond long hair. ;-)

We are learning that Walmart's curbside pickup is actually a very good service and it is something that we will continue to use once the pandemic is over. I am not a big fan of going inside their store all that often in the best of times, but the prices and selection are the best in the area that we have found, especially during the pandemic.  Yeah, so far I am impressed.

Most of the honey-do list is getting caught up, but now we have to go to either Home Depot or Lowe's to get supplies to finish up some of the other projects that we would like to get done. One thing I am learning is that my battery-powered chainsaw is the real deal and I am liking it more and more each time that I have to use it.

My running 

It has been very consistent and while the left hamstring is calming down, I have a feeling that whatever I did is going to be one of those long-term pains that never seem to quite go completely away. I guess I abuse it too much between running and walking, that getting almost 280 miles combined for the month might have something to do with that. 

I didn't quite get as many miles as I did in March, but it was still over 130 for the month, so I am happy. My paces are starting to trend a little faster, which is not really intentional, but a small indication of maybe getting in a bit better shape than I was, plus the weather is warming up (damned slowly) and I am not as bundled up either. Which lets me run faster as well.

Running Shoes

I am finally getting a good handle on my running shoe rotation and have it down to 5 pairs now. They should get me through to June without any problems and then I will probably have to start looking at a replacement for the GlideRides which are now my daily trainers. The Beacon v1 I am saving to be my gym shoes more than anything else since they are the perfect treadmill shoes for me and are stable enough that I can do my other inside workouts in them, so they will stay in the gym bag until I start going back in August/September. If I get desperate I will use them outside, but I don't see things getting that desperate at this time.

I do have to get going on my 50-mile review of the 1400 v6, they are a shoe that I love to run in, but always seem to have other shoes that do the same thing that I like just a little bit better. 

The Bad? 

With all the stressors surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, I am finding that my ability to focus on reading or writing is much more difficult than it has been in quite a while. I know that I am worried about others in my family and also want to ensure that I am there for them, not laying in some hospital or a morgue someplace. Knowing that there is a pandemic going on around us, even though it seems miles away and I know that my time on this little blue marble is not guaranteed. So I do look at things differently than I have in the past.

15+ inches of snow during a freak snowstorm and losing power, made us decide to look a lot closer into getting a whole house generator versus a portable one. We will see how much it costs and whether it is possible in the budget.

Our 19-year-old wood chipper finally bit the dust and with things so up in the air getting it repaired right now is on the low priority list. We will get to it sometime this summer, but until then it just means putting the brush into piles and letting the critters have a place to live for a while longer.

Lots of old running shoe favorites are disappearing and some have memories tied to them. However, at some point, I just have to move on from them, after all they are just things and I have replaced them in the rotation. Although the pair of White and Red Nike Zoom Fly SP did get put in my hall of fame box where I keep a few special to me shoes, even though I will probably never run in them again.

What Was I Thinking? 

Life during COVID-19 has brought about changes to our daily lives for just about all of us. It is scary, but at the same time, we all just need to keep moving forward and do the best we can. The big thing is that we need to really have the attitude that this is not just about us and our wants or needs, it is about the people around us and the idea that our actions also affect them as well as ourselves. Sometimes it seems as though many in today's world forget that.

I don't plan on changing my running all that much from what I did in April and certainly am not going to do anything more than virtual races during this time. Luckily out where we live it is a very rural area, so social distancing is not that difficult, and based on several interpretations of the new order I don't plan on wearing a mask while running unless I plan on going to an area where social distancing is difficult. Otherwise, when I am in town, I have been and will be wearing a mask. Although I am very impressed so far with my new Skechers Razor 3s.

With the number of businesses and states beginning to open up, it will be interesting to see what happens. I guess that it primarily comes down to what the state and federal governments consider to be an acceptable loss of life to keep the economy going. That has always been the question and it will be telling about where the numbers trend and what the orders will be going forward if the infection rate and deaths begin to rise again.

I have a feeling that May is going to be a long month.

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