Virtual Philbrick 5K Race - RunLog May 3, 2020

The Good? 

I ran in the Skechers Razor 3s this morning and during the run, I didn't think about the shoes at all. I just ran. This is all I want from my running shoes to just run.

This weekend I was supposed to run a virtual 5K race as a part of's virtual race series. Quite honestly, I was torn about whether to do it or not. I am still really attempting to not push the paces hard. I am a bit of a realist and know myself pretty well and if I go full race effort for a 5K, that would be taking a chance on depressing my immune system. With me being in a higher risk group, that over 60 thing and having a few underlying conditions, I have been limiting harder workouts to comfortably hard. Which is about 80% of race effort.

I thought about just jogging the 5K, but that didn't seem right either, so I figured that I would wait and see how I felt on the first mile and go from there. The weather was perfect, mostly cloudy, low '50s, and just a little breeze out of the south.

Once I started running, I made the decision to go ahead and do the virtual 5K at a comfortably hard pace and attempt to finish with a sub 8:00 minute pace overall.

Mile Splits

1 - 8:09 / I started off pretty easy and picked up the pace a little after I turned for my .50 straight-away. Felt pretty comfortable 
2 - 7:53 / Picking up the pace especially coming back down from the top of the hill
3 - 7:52 / Just kept things comfortable and didn't attempt to pick up the pace. I was at the top of the comfortably hard effort level for me and I didn't want to push too hard.
.1 - 7:22 / I did pick up the pace once the watch told me I had finished 3.0 no big kick, but enough to notice the difference.

Time: 24:43
Pace: 7:57

While I might list it as a race, it is more a half marathon race pace tempo run.

So I met my sub 8:00 pace goal and didn't feel like I dipped into the well to get there either.

 The Bad? 

I really was wanting to go faster and do more strides when I finished. I didn't do either, this COVID-19 has me overthinking things too much sometimes, but at the same time, I have a feeling that it is better to be conservative than beating my body up too much.

What Was I Thinking? 

I have a feeling that this was a really good test of both the Razor 3s and my current fitness level. 

The Razor 3s have done fantastic on the three runs I have done in them this week and would be the shoes I would wear for any of my road races...well when they start happening that is.

My current fitness level is good, although I probably need to start thinking about increasing the mileage a little and get it up to around 40 miles a week for a while. Especially since I don't see racing happening for 2-3 more months at the earliest. Plus the weather is getting better (warmer) and I do enjoy running this time of year. 

COVID-19 does make me think about how much speed work that I want to do, especially since I tend to get a little stoopid sometimes about how fast I attempt to go and then feel like crap or injure myself along the way. I just need to be patient and do what I can, without dragging down the immune system. I know that at some point I will get exposed to the Coronavirus, but I would prefer to be in the best shape possible when it does catch up with me.

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